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Our campus community needs to contact the Division of Research for numerous reasons. Please use our email directory to best facilitate responding to any need you may have.

Sally Morris Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Administration
Carol Malkemus Director, Financial Management & Compliance
Monica Cole Assistant Director, Financial Management & Compliance
Theresa Sears Director of Sponsored Program Contracts and Agreements
David Smelser Director of Preaward Operations

Laura Pickens Administrative Coordinator
Traci Owens Administrative Specialist
Matthew Rankin Administrative Support Assistant
Jackson Cordial Archive Assistant
Jalen Garrard Business Systems Analyst
Cely Lucas Financial Associate

Farah Rodriguez Compliance Manager
Ahmed Boshnag Compliance Officer
Gregory Burgwald Compliance Officer

See theĀ Awards & Contracts Contact List, organized by sponsor.

Chelsea Inman Team Lead, Contracts
Stephanie Jonas-Fields Team Lead, Contracts
Jennifer Benson Senior Contract Coordinator
Anna Marie Dawley Senior Contract Coordinator
Sarah Gonzalez Senior Contract Coordinator
Melissa Jenkins Senior Contract Coordinator
Raymond Norris Senior Contract Coordinator
Calvin Breeden Contract Coordinator
Benji Clemmer Contract Coordinator
Abbey Frady Contract Coordinator
Terri Hollis Contract Coordinator
Emily Long Contract Coordinator
Tara Prizito Contract Coordinator
Meredith Raths Contract Coordinator

Marie Penn Team Lead, Preaward Operations
Joy Ritchey Team Lead, Preaward Operations
Stacey Wade Senior Proposal Coordinator
Jessie Beauharnois Senior Proposal Coordinator
Tiffany Hensley Proposal Coordinator
Jerod Kersey Proposal Coordinator
Brittany McHenry Proposal Coordinator
Kristanya Stangel Proposal Coordinator
Jenny Toll Proposal Coordinator

See theĀ Research Accountant List, organized by agency

Bonnie Cryderman Research Accounting Manager
Susan Joiner Research Accounting Manager
Dynise Robertson Research Accounting Manager
Sherri Armstrong Senior Research Accountant
Janet Bruce Senior Research Accountant
Stacey Conroy Senior Research Accountant
Mayet Dunn Senior Research Accountant
Teresa Dotson Senior Research Accountant
Mike Hurd Senior Research Accountant
Sara Stewart Senior Research Accountant
Rachel Bashore Research Accountant II
Larry Bowlby Research Accountant II
Victoria Sloan Research Accountant II
Linda Snow Research Accountant II
Teri Walker Research Accountant II
Angelique Watson Research Accountant II
Laura Fugate Research Accountant I