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Biosketch & Outside Interest

Recently many sponsors have changed the content, format, and timing requirements for submitting information related to researcher current, pending, and other support. When applying for or receiving external funding, researchers must familiarize themselves with new and evolving requirements relating to outside interests and current, pending, and other support disclosures.

Note the disclosure of current, pending, and other support is not the same process as the Outside Interest Disclosure (OID) that is required internally. More information about OID can be found on our Research Conflicts of Interest & Commitment page.

Each sponsor establishes their own guidelines for content, format, and timing requirements related to current, pending, and other support information. Below is guidance that has been issued by some sponsors. Researchers should ensure they are aware of the sponsor requirements for each proposal submitted

DOE issued Department of Energy’s Interim Conflict of Interest Policy Requirements for Financial Assistance in December 2021.   Projects falling under this requirement must disclose significant financial interests no later than the time of application, submit an updated disclosure of significant financial interests at least annually, submit an updated disclosure of significant financial interests within thirty days of discovering or acquiring a new significant financial interest, and include a signed and dated certification statement. 

NSF’s Grantee Standards includes the foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policies.   NSF maintains resource pages for Collaborators and Other Affiliations, Biographical Sketch, and Current and Pending Support as well as a disclosure table to summarize what types of disclosures are included on various forms. 

NIH’s Financial Conflict of Interest website includes detail including key definitions, highlights of the FCOI regulation, the elements of an FCOI report, how to submit an FCOI report, as well as other resources and training. 

NIH also released NOT-OD-21-073 in March 2021 describing Upcoming Changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format Page.   They also maintain website with instructions for completing a biosketch and other support forms. 

NASA provides guidance on biosketch and current and pending in their ROSES guidebook as well as maintains a ROSES FAQ page. 

There are multiple units within DOD, so different formats may be required depending on which unit a proposal is submitting to. DOD provides a resource page identifying suggested templates for many of their proposal documents. 

USDA includes templates for various application forms on their Application Support Templates website. 

EPA includes templates for various application forms on their Required Forms website. 

Current and Pending Support Report

This Current and Pending Support report is a tool that quickly compiles proposal and project data from Cayuse SP. This data can be used to complete the current and pending forms required by many sponsors. Note: The information included in the report reflects data from Cayuse SP. Be advised each sponsor has requirements for what current, pending, and other support information must be disclosed. The information in this report may not provide all information required by a sponsor. Additional information may be available from departmental business office as they have access to additional data that may be required by the sponsor but is not stored in Cayuse. Principal Investigators should ensure they are aware of the requirements for each proposal submitted.

Additional Information

ORCID: Federal regulations are shifting to persistent identifiers of which ORCID is a preferred method. Additional information and resources for ORCID are provided by UT Libraries.

SciENcv: Several sponsors are requiring biosketch and/or current and pending information to be formatted using SciENcv.