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Rebudgeting is the transfer of funds from one budget line to another. During the course of a project, sometimes it becomes necessary to revise the original project budget. The rules for how and if rebudgeting may be done are detailed in each sponsor’s standard regulations and/or in the terms and conditions for an individual award.

In order to initiate a rebudget request, the PI must submit an award action form to the Division of Research Administration. This form provides information about the project (account number, project dates, etc.) and requires a detailed justification for the rebudget. This justification must include both why funds are needed in the new “to” line items as well as why funds are no longer needed in the original “from” line items.

Along with the Award Action Form, the PI must also submit a budget change form. This Excel worksheet details the amount of funds to be moved for each line item described in the rebudget request.