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For Department Review Chairs

Most Common Issues that Delay Approval

In addition to reviewing submissions for scientific merit, you can help researchers in your department obtain approval more quickly by checking for these issues:

  1. Make sure that any Sub- or Co-Investigators have signed off.
  2. Check that all required study materials are attached (i.e. recruitment scripts, surveys, consent forms, etc.)
  3. Check that the PI has provided complete descriptions of study procedures, recruitment procedures, and privacy and confidentiality procedures.
  4. Check that the consent forms have all the required elements of informed consent. Encourage investigators to use our templates.
  5. Check for discrepancies between the application, consent form, and study documents.

Department Heads and Department Review Chairs (DRC) are responsible for ensuring that the investigator is qualified by training and experience to conduct the proposed research.

Department Heads and Department Review Chairs are required to review all proposals before they are submitted to the IRB for review. The signature of the Department Head and Department Review Chair: (1) indicates that the investigator is qualified and has the necessary credentials and resources to safely conduct the study, and (2) attests to the scientific validity of the study, meaning that:

  • Risk to participants are minimized
  • Risks to participants are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits
  • The research employs scientifically sound procedures and has appropriate scientific merit

Current List of Dept. Heads and Department Review Chairs

If you are a DRC and have questions about a signoff or review please contact your college liaison.



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