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Research Integrity Tools, Resources Available to UT Researchers

Researchers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville have access to a wealth of resources through the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), which is responsible for ensuring ethical conduct in research involving human subjects. The HRPP provides a comprehensive program that includes policies, procedures, and oversight mechanisms to safeguard individuals’ rights, well-being, and dignity during research studies.

This invaluable resource not only helps researchers comply with federal regulations and ethical standards but also offers crucial support in navigating the complexities of human research. With its guidance and AAHRPP-certified* expertise, the HRPP empowers faculty to conduct research that is both ethically sound and methodologically rigorous, enhancing the quality and impact of their scholarly endeavors.

Do I Need IRB Review?

Unsure if your work falls under the category of needing a review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB)? Research activities requiring IRB review can involve data related to humans regardless of whether a direct interaction or intervention occurs. The HRPP has a useful tool for individuals looking to discern whether their project constitutes human subjects research or involves other specialized activities like accessing HIPAA-covered information, Genomic Data Sharing, or utilizing FDA-regulated devices, but you can always contact HRPP staff via your college liaison or if you have additional questions

Virtual Office Hours

The HRPP understand that questions and support are essential for a smooth research process, so they offer virtual office hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Whether you need guidance on the IRB submission process, ethical considerations, or any other research-related inquiries, virtual office hours provide a convenient way to connect with their knowledgeable staff. Join the HRPP online and get the assistance you need to advance your research endeavors

Educational Workshops

The HRPP offers a comprehensive array of both in-person and online workshops and training sessions that cover critical aspects such as research integrity, ethics, regulatory compliance, and innovative research methods. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just starting your academic journey, these workshops are a valuable resource for expanding your expertise and ensuring the highest standards in your scholarly work.

Learn more about our workshop topics at or register for current offerings at

Guest Lecturing in Classes

Knowledgeable HRPP experts are also available for guest lectures upon request. If you’re interested in having HRPP staff share their expertise on topics related to human research protection, ethical considerations, regulatory compliance, or any other relevant subject matter, simply reach out. These guest lectures provide a wonderful opportunity to enhance understanding of research ethics and compliance, and they can be tailored to suit your specific needs and curriculum, directly in your classroom.

To schedule a guest lecture, contact the HRPP at

Public Use Data Sets

Are you struggling to identify a research topic, or do you need to complete research, but do not have the time for IRB approval? Did you know that there are public use data sets available for you to use that do not require an IRB application? These data files were prepared by investigators and data suppliers with the intent of making them available for public use – the data is not individually identifiable. The HRPP is continuously reviewing new datasets to add to this list. Please email if you’d like to see a publicly available dataset added to this list.

Expanding Our Services, With Your Help

Coupled with its commitment to improving services and resources for researchers, the HRPP team continues to expand their tools and resources to meet evolving needs on campus. For example, the HRPP has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guidance tools alongside the emergence of AI use in research studies and continues to develop them as the technology changes. The creation of these tools was in response to both a need identified by the HRPP team and feedback from researchers themselves, demonstrating their dedication to continuously improving support for faculty and staff engaged in human research studies.

For more information on HRPP services, visit or contact them directly at

*UT has received accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP), placing it among an elite group of 250 organizations committed to ensuring compliance with federal regulations and equivalent protections for human research participants. This accreditation signifies UT’s dedication to upholding ethical standards and is a testament to its excellence in research, as evidenced by its status as one of the top 10 NIH-funded organizations. The HRPP at UT plays a pivotal role in ensuring the ethical conduct of research involving human subjects within the university’s academic community, and with this accreditation, you can be assured of HRPP’s commitment to providing invaluable support and guidance for researchers engaged in human research studies.