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ORE Takes a Look Back at Women’s History Month

silhouette of women, doing research

Women’s History Month is a celebration of the many impact women have had on history, science, culture, and society—to name a few. This celebration of women’s accomplishments evolved from a weeklong observance in 1982, to a month-long observance in 1995. Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to recognize the contributions women have made to the United States and the specific achievements women have made over the course of American history in a variety of fields.

This year, Women’s History Month arrived one year into a global pandemic, an event that studies have shown disproportionately affected women. Women were more vulnerable to workplace disruptions, more likely to carry a heavy mental load, and more subjected to work loss.

Despite this, female faculty, staff, and students at the University of Tennessee have persevered, continuing the path of discovery in research, scholarship, and creative activity.

To mark Women’s History Month 2021, the Office of Research and Engagement is looking back at the past year and celebrating the pioneering efforts of women in UT’s research enterprise.

Some of these women helped serve in the battle against COVID-19, some studied the effect of the pandemic on society and the environment, and some were able to make significant contributions to science despite the challenges resulting from the pandemic. All of them have a story to celebrate.

Here are just a few ways that women are making history at UT: