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Recognitions, July 8

The first half of July brings; a Department of Nuclear Engineering professor presented with a lifetime achievement award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS); a professor in the Department of Geography wins the Zemkehr Prize for Scholarship; Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering receives the Early Career Reactor Physicist Award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS); and a professor in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering receives the Best Associate Editor Award.

Wood Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Headshot of UT's Richard Wood, Tickle College of EngineeringIn the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Professional Division Awards, Professor Richard T. Wood was honored with the Don Miller Award from the Human Factors, Instrumentation, and Controls Division.

This award recognizes his lifelong commitment and contributions to nuclear digital system design, licensing, and standards, with an emphasis on all aspects of digital system safety, reliability, and qualification in the US and international communities.

Alderman Wins 2020 Zumkehr Prize

Headshot of Derek Alderman, UT's Department of GeographyDerek Alderman, a professor in the Department of Geography, is part of a team of scholars who received the 2020 Zumkehr Prize for Scholarship in Public Memory for their paper, “Following the story: narrative mapping as a mobile method for tracking and interrogating spatial narratives” published in the Journal of Heritage Tourism.

“The article is one of several published from an NSF-funded project that investigated the representation of the history of slavery at southern plantation museums,” Alderman said.

Sobes Stands Out with Early Career Award

Headshot of Vlad Sobes, UT Tickle College of EngineeringAssistant Professor Vlad Sobes has received the Early Career Reactor Physicist Award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS). This award was established in 2013 to recognize early career members of the Reactor Physics Division who have made significant contributions in the field of reactor physics.

“Vlad’s ambition and excellence has elevated our program in the short time he’s been a faculty member in our program,” said Department of Nuclear Engineering Head Wes Hines. “This award represents what we knew to be true, and we’re grateful that the ANS recognizes his achievements as well.”

Schmitz Receives Best Associate Editor Award

Headshot of Tony Schmitz, UT Tickle College of EngineeringProfessor Tony Schmitz received the Best Associate Editor Award at the 53rd International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS). The coence, hosted by Northwestern University, was held virtually July 1-3.

Schmitz also presented his paper, “Cutting force and stability for inserted cutters using structured light metrology”, which was co-authored by Tim No (UTK), Michael Gomez (UTK/ORNL), and Scott Smith (ORNL).