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Mission and Responsibilities

The mission of the Office of Research and Engagement is to enable all faculty, other investigators, and students to achieve their full potential as scholars.

ORE facilitates the university’s research mission by:

  • Assisting faculty in securing sponsorships for research, creative, and scholarly activities.
  • Promoting research as a way to enrich teaching and service at the university and to enhance the social and economic environment of the region and the state.
  • Extending the protection of relevant legal, ethical, and safety standards and regulations to faculty, staff, students, research subjects, and the public.
  • Ensuring that all research agreements protect the legal, fiscal, and programmatic interests of the university.
  • Sharing information appropriately with the general public and with targeted internal and external interest groups about the university’s research accomplishments and needs.
  • Supports engagement and outreach efforts of the campus community


ORE administers UT’s research activities and provides selected services to other System locations by:

  • Handling grants and contracts review for faculty UT researchers.
  • Overseeing various programs that provide research incentives to faculty and students under the authority of the chancellor. The office also oversees internal reviews for proposals that might be competitive for the entire UT System.
  • Supervising compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines for UT and the UT Institute of Agriculture. These regulations apply not only to faculty doing research but to students and staff involved in certain research projects.
  • Providing information about research opportunities to the UT System through its membership in the Pivot online data base.
  • Maintaining and disseminates summary data on research awards and accomplishments for the university.
  • Providing communications support to research faculty and students through the promotion of UT’s research excellence to local, state, national, and international audiences.

The office also works closely with the University of Tennessee Research Foundation, a private, not-for-profit foundation designed to support faculty research and entrepreneurship in an environment that blends academic and business values.