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Proposal Library

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This collection should be seen as sample proposals and not necessarily model proposals. In reviewing them, keep in mind that some are dated and do not necessarily reflect current funding priorities and proposal requirements of these same grantmaking agencies. Nevertheless, sample proposals are a source of ideas; sometimes they point out things you may want to emulate in your proposals, and other times they illustrate qualities you wish to avoid. Either way, you learn something.

Open Grants is a project supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Data-Driven Discovery Initiative to make it easier for researchers to share and find submitted grant proposals to a range of agencies. Please note that the database includes funded and non-funded proposals.

National Science Foundation

CAREER Proposals

Sample CAREER Proposal: Biomedical Engineering (Rucker)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Civil and Environmental Engineering (Truster)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Materassi)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Physics (Ekici)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Physics (Mannik)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Civil and Environmental Engineering (Hathaway)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Biomedical Engineering (Reinbolt)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Chemistry (Jenkins)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology (Das)

Sample CAREER Proposal: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Budke)

NSF Proposals

NSF Sample Proposal: Computer Science at UT

NSF Sample Proposal: DGE – NATO Donations for Fellowships (Va Tech)

NSF sample proposal: Division of Biological Infrastructure

NSF sample proposal: Division of Earth Sciences

NSF Sample Proposal: Directorate for Education and Human Resources (Rosenberg)

NSF Sample Proposal: Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) (Parker)

NSF Sample Proposal: Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) (Pharr)

NSF Sample Proposal: Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) (Sayler)

NSF PIRE Proposals

NSF Sample PIRE Proposal: Physics

NSF Sample PIRE Proposal: Mathematics, Mechanics and Materials Science

NSF Sample PIRE Proposal: Psychology, Linguistics and Neuroscience

NSF Sample PIRE Proposal: Ecosystems

Other NSF Proposals

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Proposal: Cultural Anthropology (Florida)

More NSF Grants

National Institutes of Health

NIH Sample R01 Proposal

NIH Sample R03 Proposal

NIH Sample R15 Proposal – Center for Environmental Biotechnology

NIH Sample R15 Proposal – Biochemistry

NIH Sample R15 Proposal – Microbiology

NIH Sample R21 Proposal – Nursing

NIH Sample R01 Proposal – Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology

NIH Sample R01 Proposal – Microbiology

NIH Sample R15 Proposal- MABE

NIH Sample R15 Proposal- Psychology

NIH Sample R21 Proposal – Pharmaceutical Sciences

NIH Sample R25 Proposal – PEER

DHHS: Sample F32 Fellowship Proposal

NIH Sample K01 Mentored Research proposal – Nursing

Multiple Samples of NIH Proposal Components

National Endowment for the Humanities

NEH: Tennessee Newspaper Digitization Project (TNDP) Narrative by UT Libraries

NEH: Bridging Communities – Conversations and
Collaborations in the Humanities

NEH: Pompeii Forum Project

NEH: The Azoria Project

NEH: Challenge Grant – Cleveland Museum of Art

NEH Fellowships

National Endowment for the Arts

NEA: Bloomsburg Theater Project

NEA: Ordway Music Theater

NEA: Arts Education


Education: K-12 School Grants (US Dept of Ed and other agencies)

US Department of Education

Other Government Agencies

Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science: Dr. David Joy, whitepaper

USDA Sample Proposal

Department of Defense (DoD) Agencies

US Army Research Office – Young Investigator Program (YIP)

US Naval Office of Research – Minerva Project proposal

Private Foundations

Performing Arts: Proposal Template

Russell Sage Foundation

Social Science Research Council

A Research Proposal Funded by the Social Science Research Council