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Institutional Information: Honors Program for UT Students

Honors Program for UT Students


(Note:  Below is an example is of an Honors Program for UT Students; however, the specific mentoring plan a PI develops should fit the project, UT’s goals, and the needs of the post-doctoral researcher(s) to be mentored. 


Feel free to use these two examples as guidelines for formulating text in a proposal when such an Honors Program is required; however, these should be seen as guides only, and any such text should be tailored to the specific proposal.  The specific mentoring plan a PI develops should fit the project, UT’s goals, and the requirements of the solicitation.




Example: Honors Program for an NSF Proposal




Honors Programs at UT

The University of Tennessee offers its most academically accomplished and exceptionally talented students a nationally distinctive system of honors programs and opportunities.  UT’s honors programs provide a range of academic challenges, enhancements, and enrichment opportunities that facilitate the honors students’ quest to realize their full academic potential.  UT honors students also enjoy substantial scholarship support through the guaranteed and competitive scholarship award process, as well as numerous additional academic privileges and benefits.  Members of UT’s honors programs are among the university’s most intellectually curious and creative students, most active and high-profile student leaders, and most successful and admired alumni.

A student may enter UT as a member of the Chancellor’s Honors or Haslam Scholars Programs, or may earn admission as a current student to Chancellor’s Honors or one of UT’s growing number of specialized honors programs. Regardless of the chosen path, students will enjoy the company of other ambitious students of high ability.

All UT honors students will benefit from the four cornerstones of honors at UT: enriched and enhanced coursework, living and learning communities, undergraduate research, and international and intercultural learning. In this way, individual honors paths intersect, weaving the rich tapestry of our vibrant student culture and helping to make the University of Tennessee an especially stimulating venue for exceptional academic achievement.

Departmental Honors

Academic departments across UT’s nine undergraduate colleges sponsor most of UT’s honors coursework, and many departments offer their own departmental honors program.  While any student may usually enroll in any honors course, admission to departmental honors programs is highly selective and occurs at the time students declare a major in the department.  Departmental honors program provide an intimate setting for close faculty/student interaction in disciplinary research and discipline-specific intercultural and international learning. Coordination for UT’s many and diverse honors programs is facilitated by the Honors Steering Committee.

For example, the Department of Mathematics’ Math Honors Program is supported by a $1 million National Science Foundation Grant, which allows the Math Honors Program to provide generous scholarships to students who intend to pursue advanced education in mathematics. 

The Department of History Honors Program provides an extensive honors curriculum in support of the study of the methods of historical research and historiography, while the Department of Classics offers honors concentrations in both Latin and Greek.. 

The Department of English Honors Program offers numerous upper-level honors courses and seminars as well as Honors English Composition (ENG 118), a staple of the university’s honors curriculum for first-year students. 

The range of department honors programs and course offerings is considerable.  Even departments that do not offer formal honors programs typically provide limited-enrollment honors sections of introductory courses, which greatly enhance and enrich the university’s general education curriculum.

Additionally, many departments offer honors courses and honors concentrations within the major.

College Honors

Each of these highly selective college honors programs combines honors coursework and specialized living and learning, research, and international and intercultural educational benefits and opportunities.  The College Scholars Program is, however, uniquely geared to facilitate the student’s fully interdisciplinary, individualized, faculty-mentored academic major.  While Chancellor’s Honors students may seek admission to college honors programs, admission to college honors programs typically includes all qualified students regardless of Chancellor’s Honors Program membership.

College Scholars

The College of Arts & Sciences sponsors UT’s oldest, most selective, and most prestigious honors program, the College Scholars Program.  With the guidance of a faculty mentor, College Scholars create unique, interdisciplinary majors from among the many majors offered by the College, and they participate in weekly academic and social gatherings designed to nurture the life of the mind.  While College Scholars are often members of the Chancellor’s Honors Program, they need not be.  Admission to this highly specialized and selective program is open twice annually to qualified UT students of proven academic fit and maturity.

Other College Honors Programs

The College of Engineering Honors Program and the College of Business Administration Global Leadership Scholars Program accepted their first students in the Fall of 2007.  In the former, each of the College’s nine undergraduate engineering majors provides a distinctive honors curriculum, whereas the latter emphasizes study of international business through specialized course work and provides scholarships to support study abroad.

The College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources offers the Honors Research & Creative Achievements Program.  This program helps qualified students enhance their research skills, requires the presentation of research, and encourages students to pursue advanced education in their major fields.  Honors Research & Creative Achievements Program members also enjoy a range of highly stimulating international learning opportunities.

With an emphasis on critical and creative thinking and service learning, the College of Social Work Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to pursue advanced topics in social work and complete a senior research project.  Honors courses combine classroom instruction with community-based learning, international and intercultural activities, and innovative projects to help highly motivated students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for effective helping and problem solving



The University of Tennessee Honors Program provides capable and motivated students with a rich, rigorous, and rewarding undergraduate experience. Through both on- and off-campus learning opportunities, the Honors Program helps students fulfill their civic responsibilities and realize their creative and intellectual potential.

The Honors Program at the University of Tennessee is one of the most respected programs in the United States. Since its inception, the program has come to be recognized for its high standards and for the opportunities and challenges it offers undergraduates in all disciplines, majors, and colleges. Admission to the Honors Program is highly competitive, and Honors students are highly motivated undergraduates who are committed to making the most of the many educational opportunities available at UT.

The Program provides participants with special Honors classes in the core curriculum, more intensive versions of courses required for departmental majors.



Additionally, Honors students may have the opportunity to enroll in graduate courses, to declare an Honors interdisciplinary major developed from several academic disciplines, and to participate in the combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Program.