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On-Campus Laboratory-Based Research

Per the chancellor’s message on August 2, 2021, students, faculty, and staff are now required to wear masks in research labs and in other indoor research settings. This is particularly important in places where social distancing options are limited or where multiple individuals must share an indoor space or lab for a period of time. For researchers whose activities occur off-campus, please continue to follow any additional requirements that may be in place at those sites. This means faculty and staff may require students and visitors in these spaces to wear masks beginning immediately until further notice.

More information on face coverings is available at

Health Safety Plans are no longer required for UT research lab operations as of June 1, 2021. The following policies for on-campus laboratory-based research have been retired:

  • Request for Longer-term Experiment Approval
  • Safety Checklist for Laboratory Hibernation
  • Door sign for Hibernating Laboratories
  • Self-screening form for Visitors
  • Documentation of Visits by Laboratory Visitors for Contact Tracing

Research lab groups are encouraged to continue following the Working Alone Guidelines because protection of individuals working alone in laboratories outside of regular work hours is a safety concern independent of the pandemic.