Helpful Articles, Guides and Manuals

Below are articles and guidelines that focus on generating successful proposals.

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Research Development & Grant Writing Newsletters with Contents Listed (from Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC)

Program Officers Guide – Communicating with a Federal Program Officer to Seek Funding

Writing a Preproposal:  Leave Them Wanting More :: (from The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Tips for a Winning Research Proposal (from ASEE Prism), 15 tips on writing winning research proposals Electronic Application Package Overview (NEW)

University of Michigan Proposal Writer’s Guide

The Craft of Grant Writing (Texas A&M manual)

Debunking Some Myths about Grant Writing (Kenneth Henson, The Citadel)

The Art of Grantsmanship by Jacob Kraicer

Why Academics Have a Hard Time Writing Good Grant Proposals by Robert Porter

Can We Talk? Contacting Grant Program Officers by Robert Porter

What do Grant Reviewers Really Want, Anyway? by Robert Porter

Facilitating Proposal Development: Helping Faculty Avoid Common Pitfalls by Robert Porter

Off the Launching Pad: Stimulating Proposal Development by Junior Faculty by Robert Porter

Writing Winning Technology Proposals by Elizabeth Byrom

Jabberwocky Junkies — Buzzwords and gyrating jargon abound in sponsored research. Here are some trendy examples and ways to kick the habit.

National Science Foundation

NSF Grant Proposal Guide

Broader Impacts for NSF Proposals — The Office of Community Engagement & Outreach has gathered articles and STEM outreach resources for developing successful broader impact components for NSF grant proposals.

Sample Broader Impacts and Intellectual Merit Statements

Advice on Writing Proposals to the National Science Foundation (Susan Finger, Carnegie Mellon)

Twelve Steps to a Winning Research Proposal (George Hazelreig, NSF program officer)

NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Tips: A Collection of Essays

NSF Review Process

Sample Post Doc Mentoring Plans

Tips for Developing an NSF Data Management Plan

UT Resources for Developing an NSF Data Management Plan

View video on the NSF Review Process (may require log-in to Sharepoint):   This short
video provides a good basic summary of the National Science Foundation’s proposal
review process. From the NSF website: “NSF receives about 50,000 research proposals
every year. The Foundation’s mission is to promote the progress of science, but is able to
support only a fraction of the proposed research with its limited resources. This video
briefly explains how NSF determines which research has the greatest potential–which
would be the most fruitful investment of taxpayer dollars and best align with the
Foundation’s mission to promote the progress of science.”
Access the video on the NSF website.

National Institutes of Health

NIH Proposal Guide SF424_July 2013

New NIH Proposal Format and Review Process — Video and PPT: What Applicants Need to Know

NIH Grant Writing Tips Sheets

NIAID:  All about Grants Tutorials

National Cancer Institute: Quick Guide for Grant Applications

Key Elements to Consider in Preparing an NIH Data Sharing Plan

Sample Data Sharing Plan

NIH workshop_URLs — FDT NIH workshop summary guidelines and helpful URLs for preparing and submitting proposals to the National Institutes of Health

Social Sciences

Social Science Research Council: On the Art of Writing Proposals

National Endowment for the Humanities

John Lippincott, The Art of the Fellowship Proposal

Reasons for Rejecting an NEH Grant Proposal

National Endowment for the Arts

Tips for Writing Successful NEA Proposals

Other Government Agencies

USDA Review Process

Appalachian Regional Commission: Preparing a Grant Proposal

University of Southern California’s fairly comprehensive “Agency-DOD-Program” guide

Private Foundations

The Foundation Center Proposal Writing Short Course

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal (Minnesota Council on Foundations)

One Program Officer’s Candid Tips for Grantseekers — An insider’s perspective on how foundations operate-and how grantseekers should approach them.

American Association of Critical Care Nurses Grants Program