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Advanced Photoelectronic Spectrometer (APS)

The IAMM Advanced Photoelectronic Spectrometer (APS) facility is to provide researchers at the University of Tennessee the possibility of performing laboratory-based photoemission experiments for analysis of the chemical and electronic properties of various forms of condensed matter that are at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation.

These include, but are not limited to, superconductors, polymers, spintronic and catalytic materials and condensed matter in disparate forms such as biological cells, bacteria and minerals. The unique feature of the system is the capability of combining both spin and angular resolution with sub-millimeter spatial resolution.

Paolo Vilmercati Facility Manager 865-974-2631
Norman Mannella Scientific Leader 865-974-6123

Assisted help is billed in addition to the regular instrument rate. Rates for instrument time indicate self-use. Any operation of the instrument by staff will incur an additional chare for staff assistance. If staff assistance will be required that time must be booked in advance of reserving instrument time.

1 Unit = 4 hours

  Internal Academic External Academic Commercial
Service 1: Data Collection $275/unit $475/unit $625/unit
Service 2: Data Analysis $50/hour $75/hour $100/hour

User rates subject to change without notice.

New users contact Paolo Vilmercati