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Jeremy Smith

Governor’s Chair for Molecular Biophysics

Jeremy Smith performs research at the interface of biological, environmental, physical, computational, and neutron sciences.

His work has focused recently on discoveries that could help neutralize chemical weapons, and on using neutron scattering to study bioremediation and protein folding.

His goal is to study and understand the function of biologically relevant molecular systems by employing high-performance computer simulations in combination with biophysical experiments.

Smith is director of the UT-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Center for Molecular Biophysics.

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In the News

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March 2019 Science Minute Audiocast: The Power of Supercomputers

June 2018 Computer Simulations Identify Chemical Key to Diabetes Drug Alternatives

April 2018 Study Examines How Natural Chemicals in Green Tea Work

April 2017 Syria events emphasize need for research, UT experts say

September 2016 UT-ORNL Team Hopes to Ease Path from Vegetation to Biofuel

March 2016 Bio Fuels Digest, Others Highlight Lignin Research by Smith

June 2014 UT, ORNL Scientists’ Discoveries Could Help Neutralize Chemical Weapons

June 2014 UT Researchers Use Computers for Drug Research

October 2013 UT Receives Funding from Intel to Push Supercomputing Limits, Establish Center

October 2013 Science On Shaky Ground As Automatic Budget Cutbacks Drag On

February 2013 Scientists Solve Mercury Mystery

January 2013 Synopsis: Classifying Protein Wiggles

October 2012 Oak Ridge and NVIDIA unveil Titan supercomputer

February 2011 ‘Fingerprints’ Match Molecular Simulations with Reality

October 2009 UT Knoxville and ORNL Researchers Reveal Key To How Bacteria Clear Mercury Pollution


June 2006. Smith was the first governor’s chair appointment.

Jeremy Smith.

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UT 865-974-5148
ORNL 865-574-9635

309 Ken and Blaire Mossman Building
1311 Cumberland Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37996