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Equipment and Infrastructure Fund

Program Objective

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Office of Research and Engagement (ORE) has opened applications for the FY19 Scholarly Activity and Research Incentive Fund (SARIF) Equipment and Infrastructure Fund. This award aims to enhance UT’s research mission by providing support for the acquisition of state-of-the-art or innovative equipment that will advance the research mission of the university or for the repair, replacement, or upgrade of critical research infrastructure.

Prior awards have ranged from $570 to $81,000.

Review Criteria

A subcommittee of the Research Council will review the proposals and make recommendations for awards based on the following criteria:

  • Scholarly merit of the proposal and the significance of the research agenda;
  • Strength of justification of need for items of basic research infrastructure;
  • Number of faculty and students benefiting from the award;
  • Cross-departmental or college use of the equipment;
  • Potential for increasing scholarly achievement and external research funding;
  • The level of departmental/college/other cost-sharing. Generally, there is at least a one-to-one, and preferably two-to-one, cost-sharing requirement by departments and colleges.


Proposals may be submitted by individual faculty members or groups of faculty whose primary appointment is associated with the UT Knoxville Campus (excluding Institutes of Agriculture, College of Veterinary Medicine, and Graduate School of Medicine).

Application Guidelines

Proposals are restricted to five pages in length, excluding letters of support and quad chart. Proposals exceeding five pages will be returned without review.

Proposals must include the following documents:

  • Abstract: A brief (250 words or less) abstract describing the request and research to be enabled.  The abstract should be included in the online application form and quad chart
  • Proposal:
    1. Research Agenda: A statement of the individual or unit research agenda.
    2. Objectives:
      • Requests for new resources should explain how the equipment or infrastructure addresses the research agenda of the unit and advances the capabilities of the university through the innovative nature of the resource
      • Requests to repair, replace or enhance infrastructure should emphasize how the request addresses a vital and continuing need in the unit.
      • Please indicated in the online form if this is a new request or to repair, replace or enhance existing resources.
  • Impact: Justification of impact showing the number of faculty and research projects that will be affected both within the unit and across campus.
  • Management: Describe equipment sharing and management plan. Indicate if the equipment or resource is part of an existing or planned UT Core Facility or departmental recharge center.
  • Budget: A budget summary identifying costs, agreed upon cost share from each source, and amount requested from ORE.
  • Quad Chart: (using this Power Point template); does not count toward five-page limit)
  • Cost Share: Signed cost share memos from each source. (Does not count toward five-page limit)

Submission Process

  • Deadline: Complete application package described above must be submitted electronically by the applicant at this link no later than Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at noon.
  • Submission Format:
    • Please combine all documents into one .pdf in this order.
      • Research Proposal (Abstract, Agenda, Objectives, Impact, Management, and Budget (5 page limit)
      • Quad Chart
      • Cost Share support letters
    • Submit the Quad Chart (AGAIN) separately as a PowerPoint document
  • Arts & Sciences Cost Share Deadline: Faculty members who intend to submit requests to this program and intend to request a financial match from the College of Arts and Sciences must submit their full proposals electronically to the college no later than noon a week prior to ORE’s deadline. Submit proposals to Chris Boake and copy Drew Haswell. Proposals should be submitted Proposals should be submitted to the College as a single PDF the College as a single PDF document..
  • Evaluation: A subcommittee of the Research Council will evaluate the applications and make recommendations to Robert Nobles, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement (VCRE). The committee recommendations will be based on the review criteria as described above. The VCRE will seek to distribute the awards over a wide range of disciplines.
  • Selection Results: ORE will notify all applicants of the selection results by early November 2018.
  • Awards: All equipment must be purchased by June 30, 2019.  Carryover requests will be considered if there are extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the faculty member.  SARIF support will be transferred to the department after payment documentation has been provided to the Office of Research and Engagement.


Please direct inquiries to: