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ORU FY14 Funding Summary

The FY14 competitive budget process has been completed for all previously supported as well as newly proposed organized research units (ORUs) who sought campus-level funding support from the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement.

Twenty three previously funded ORUs, five Joint Institutes, and six previously unfunded ORUs submitted and presented their proposals in a public forum on March 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th, 2013. There were many worthy proposals. However, $1.8 million in funding was available to allocate for $3.4 million in requests, not including the Joint Institutes. Based on evaluation of the proposals, presentations, past performance, future potential, and other sources of support, seventeen previously funded ORUs and three ORUs receiving funding for the first time, will receive funding in FY14. The funding decision for the Joint Institutes is still pending. The Joint Institutes allocation will be $1.3M out of a requested $3.9 million.

All funding provided is considered “one-time one-year” funding for the sole purpose of fostering the mission and objectives of the ORU as defined in the proposal. Continued, on-going funding is not guaranteed. For details of FY14 allocations, download the ORU FY14 Funding Summary (PDF).

Proposals and Funding Information

The following ORUs submitted funding proposals for FY14. The proposals submitted may be viewed by clicking on the ORU name and are accessible only by UT Knoxville faculty and staff.

Note: Access to these documents requires logging in with your NetID and password. Internet Explorer users must precede their NetID with UTK (example: UTKNetID).

ORUs Newly Funded for FY14

Center for Wildlife Health (CWH)

Institute for Nuclear Security (INS)

Neuroscience Network of East Tennessee (NeuroNET)

ORUs with Continued Funding for FY14

Center for Environmental Biotechnology (CEB)

Center for Enhancing Education in Mathematics & Sciences (CEEMS)

Center for Information and Communication Studies (CICS)

Center for Information Technology Research (CITR)

Center for Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning (CISML)

Center on Deafness (COD)

Center for the Study of Social Justice (CSSJ)

Center for the Study of War and Society (CSWS)

Design, Build, Evaluate Initiative (DBEI)

Health Information Technology & Simulation Laboratory (HITSL)

Institute of Biomedical Engineering (iBME)

Initiative for Quaternary Paleoclimate Research (IQPR)

Microbiology Across Campuses Educational and Research Venture (M-CERV)

Plant Research Center (PRC)

Sustainable Energy Education and Research Center (SEERC)

Tennessee Crystal Synthesis Initiative (TCSI)

Water Resources Research Center (WRRC)

Joint Institutes (Funding Decisions Pending)

Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM)

Joint Institute of Biological Sciences (JIBS)

Joint Institute of Computational Sciences (JICS)

Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research (JIHR)

Joint Institute of Neutron Sciences (JINS)

ORUs Not Receiving Funds for FY14

Center for Health Science Research (CHSR)

Center for Literacy, Education, and Employment (CLEE)

Cold Spallation Target Concept Development (CST)

Center for the Study of Youth and Political Conflict (CSYPC)

Korn Learning, Assessment, and Social Skills (KLASS) Center

Metabolic Translational Research Initiative (MTRI)

Risk, Health & Crisis Communication Research Unit (RHCC)