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Funding Opportunities Roundup, Feb. 5

NSF Opportunities

Algorithms in the Field (AitF) NSF 16-515

This program encourages closer collaboration between two groups of researchers: (i) theoretical computer science researchers, who focus on the design and analysis of provably efficient and provably accurate algorithms for various computational models; and (ii) other computing and information researchers including a combination of systems and domain experts (very broadly construed – including but not limited to researchers in computer architecture, programming languages and systems, computer networks, cyber-physical systems, cyber-human systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence and its applications, database and data analytics, etc.) who focus on the particular design constraints of applications and/or computing devices.

Each proposal must have at least one co-PI interested in theoretical computer science and one interested in any of the other areas typically supported by CISE. Proposals are expected to address the dissemination of both the algorithmic contributions and the resulting applications, tools, languages, compilers, libraries, architectures, systems, data, etc.

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 15

Anticipated Funding Amount: Up to 800,000 for up to four years

Submission Window Date(s): Feb. 18 – Mar. 3, 2016

NOTE: For funding opportunities identified in the solicitation as limited submissions, interested individuals at UT Knoxville and UTIA must submit a notification of interest to limitsub@utk.edu. See the ORE limited submission policy, View current and past opportunities, and sign up for the listserv.

Expeditions in Computing NSF 16-535

The Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) has created this program to provide the CISE research and education community with the opportunity to pursue ambitious, fundamental research agendas that promise to define the future of computing and information. In planning Expeditions projects, investigators are encouraged to come together within or across departments or institutions to combine their creative talents in the identification of compelling, transformative research agendas that promise disruptive innovations in computing and information for many years to come. Together with the Science and Technology Centers CISE supports, Expeditions form the centerpiece of the directorate’s center-scale award portfolio. With awards funded at levels that promote the formation of research teams, CISE recognizes that concurrent research advances in multiple fields or sub-fields are often necessary to stimulate deep and enduring outcomes. The awards made in this program will complement research areas supported by other CISE programs, which target particular computing or information disciplines or fields.

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 2 to 4

Anticipated Funding Amount: Up to $2 million/year for five years

Preliminary Proposal Deadline (required): May 2, 2016

Full Proposal Deadline: Jan. 18, 2017

Science of Learning: Collaborative Networks (SL-CN) NSF 16-528

This program seeks to support integrative, interdisciplinary research projects that investigate learning in humans, other animals, and machines. It follows on the Science of Learning Centers (SLC) program that held its final competition in 2005; no future SLC competitions are planned. This solicitation is active for one year, but future SL solicitations are anticipated. This solicitation represents only minor changes from the SL-CN FY 2015 solicitation (NSF 15-532). This new solicitation clarifies program goals and offers revised examples of research topics. There are two substantive changes in this FY 2016 solicitation.

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 13

Anticipated Funding Amount: Up to $750,000 for three years

Letter of Intent Deadline (required): Mar. 1, 2016
Full Proposal Deadline: Apr. 4, 2016

Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology (SGP) NSF 16-536

This program supports studies of: (1) the changing aspects of life, ecology, environments, and biogeography in geologic time based on fossil organisms; (2) all aspects of the Earth’s sedimentary lithosphere – its insights into the geological processes and rich organic and inorganic resources locked in rock sequences; (3) the science of dating and measuring the sequence of events and rates of geological processes as manifested in Earth’s past sedimentary and biological (fossil) record; (4) the geologic record of the production, transportation, and deposition of modern and ancient physical and chemical sediments; and (5) understanding Earth’s deep-time (pre-Holocene) climate systems.

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 20 to 30

Anticipated Funding Amount: Total budget $7.4 million

Full Proposal Deadline: Proposals accepted anytime

NSF Dear Colleague Letters

Mathematical Sciences Funding Opportunities in Sustainable Infrastructure NSF 16-042 Feb. 1, 2016

NIH Opportunities

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  • NHGRI Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics: Courses for Skills Development (R25) (PAR-16-090)
  • NIMH The Neural Mechanisms of Integrated Emotional and Social Representation (R01) (RFA-MH-17-300)
  • NIMH The Neural Mechanisms of Multi-Dimensional Emotional and Social Representation (R21) (RFA-MH-17-305)

Limited Submissions

Find information about limited submissions on the Limited Submissions Opportunities page.

There are no new limited submissions this week.

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