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Funding Opportunities Roundup, April 8

Federal Opportunities

Please notify Paul Montgomery (paul.montgomery@utk.edu) of your interest in the following opportunities. 

DARPA: Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT)

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently published a solicitation entitled Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT). (See the “Related Documents” tab.) The TNT program seeks to “combine noninvasive peripheral neurostimulation with training paradigms to modulate neuroplasticity for enhancing cognitive skill learning in healthy adults” and will focus on “identifying and understanding the function of peripheral neurostimulation on the central nervous system circuits that regulate plasticity in the brain.” TNT will attempt to achieve the following 3 objectives, and details of which are on pp. 5-10 of the solicitation:

  1. elucidate the anatomical and functional map(s) of the peripheral and central nervous system circuitry that regulates synaptic plasticity in the brain;
  2. demonstrate effects of peripheral neurostimulation on cognitive skills and the brain activity supporting those skills;
  3. optimize noninvasive stimulation methods and training protocols for long-term retention without negative side effects.

DARPA anticipates making multiple awards for this program, which has a 4-year period of performance.

Proposal Deadline: 4 pm EDT on June 2, 2016

NOTE: Individuals interested in any solicitation that limits the number of submissions allowed by UT must submit a notification of interest to limitsub@utk.edu. See the ORE limited submission policy, View current and past opportunities, and sign up for the listserv.

Limited Submissions

Find information about limited submissions on the Limited Submissions Opportunities page.

Brain Research Foundations Scientific Innovations Award

Brain Research Foundation has invited eligible US institutions to nominate one senior faculty member to submit a Letter of Intent for the Scientific Innovations Award (SIA). Brain Research Foundation’s Scientific Innovations Award Program provides funding for innovative science in both basic and clinical neuroscience. This funding mechanism is designed to support creative, exploratory, cutting edge research in well-established research laboratories, under the direction of established investigators.

The nominated candidate must be a full-time professor or associate professor at an invited US institution, working in the area of studies of brain function in health and disease. Current major NIH or other peer-reviewed funding is preferred but evidence of such funding in the past three years is essential. Studies should be related to either normal human brain development or specifically identified disease states. This includes molecular and clinical neuroscience as well as studies of neural, sensory, motor, cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning in health and disease.

Please see the full RFP for complete information.

Notification of Interest to ORE: 4/12/2016 12 PM
Application to Agency: 6/29/2016
Limit on Number of Applications: 1
Estimated Program Funding: $150K per award
Anticipated No. of Awards: TBD


Industrial Assessment Centers

The goal of the IAC program is twofold: first, to provide energy efficiency, productivity, sustainability and competitiveness recommendations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and second, to help address a growing shortage of engineering professionals with applied energy and manufacturing-related skills. Led by engineering faculty and staff, the selected IACs will perform assessments for SMEs, mostly in their geographic region, which will result in energy and water savings, waste reduction, opportunities for smart manufacturing, potential enhancements to cyber security and related information technologies, and sustainability and productivity improvements for the manufacturers.

Prospective IACs must demonstrate their capabilities to recruit and serve small and medium-sized manufacturers and describe their approach to identify and communicate recommendations to reduce energy, water and waste usage; increase productivity and competitiveness, and provide enhancements to cyber security and related information technologies.

Please see the full RFP (found on EERE Opportunity Exchange) for complete information.

Notification of Interest to ORE: 4/15/2016 12 PM
Application to Agency: 4/28/2016
Limit on Number of Applications: 1
Estimated Program Funding: $35M total
Anticipated No. of Awards: 30

NIH Opportunities

Join the UT NIH Research Community by contacting Jennifer Webster (jwebster@utk.edu) and start receiving the weekly NIH Digest.

  • NIH Research Project Grant (Parent R01) (PA-16-160)
  • NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (Parent R21) (PA-16-161)
  • NIH Small Research Grant Program (Parent R03) (PA-16-162)
  • NIH Roadmap Initiatives Director’s New Innovator Award Program (DP2) (RFA-RM-16-004)
  • NIH Roadmap Initiatives Pioneer Award Program (DP1) (RFA-RM-16-005)
  • NIH Roadmap Initiatives Director’s Transformative Research Awards (R01) (RFA-RM-16-007)
  • NIAID Partnerships for Countermeasures against Select Pathogens (R01) (RFA-AI-16-034)
  • NIMH / NIA Adult Maturational Changes and Dysfunctions in Emotion Regulation (R21) (RFA-MH-17-400)
  • NIMH / NIA Adult Maturational Changes and Dysfunctions in Emotion Regulation (R01) (RFA-MH-17-405)

NSF Opportunities

Please contact Sharon Pound (spound@utk.edu) regarding your interest in NSF opportunities.

Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research-Technology Translation (PFI: AIR-TT) NSF 15-570

This program within the Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP) is an umbrella for two complementary subprograms, Accelerating Innovation Research (AIR) and Building Innovation Capacity (BIC). Overall, the PFI program offers opportunities to connect new knowledge to societal benefit through translational research efforts and/or partnerships that encourage, enhance and accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship. The PFI: AIR-TT solicitation serves as an early opportunity to move previously NSF-funded research results with promising commercial potential along the path toward commercialization. Projects are supported to demonstrate proof-of-concept, prototype, or scale-up while engaging faculty and students in entrepreneurial/innovative thinking.

WEBINAR: A webinar will be held within 6 weeks of the release date of this solicitation to answer any questions about this solicitation. Details will be posted on the IIP website (http://www.nsf.gov/eng/iip/pfi/air-tt.jsp) as they become available.

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant
Estimated Number of Awards: 40 to 45
Anticipated Funding Amount: up to $200,000 for 18 months per award
Letter of Intent Deadline: Sept. 8, 2016
Full Proposal Deadline: Oct. 11, 2016

Tectonics NSF 16-556

This program supports a broad range of field, laboratory, computational, and theoretical investigations aimed at understanding the deformation of the terrestrial continental lithosphere (i.e. above the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary). The program focuses on deformation processes and their tectonic drivers that operate at any depth within the continental lithosphere, on time-scales of decades/centuries (e.g. active tectonics) and longer, and at micro- to plate boundary/orogenic belt length-scales.

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant
Estimated Number of Awards: 40 to 50
Anticipated Funding Amount: $9.25 million, total
Full Proposal Deadline: July 8, 2016

NSF Dear Colleague Letters

Fundamental Research to Improve STEM Teaching and Learning, and Workforce Development for Persons with Disabilities within the EHR Core Research Program NSF 16-064 (Apr. 5, 2016)

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