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A woman operates the Brillouin scattering spectroscopy with a green laser in the Light Scattering Laboratory.

UT researchers are redefining how to tackle grand challenges. Collaboration and partnerships yield innovations that make life and lives better.

UT is Tennessee’s flagship public research university. Our research community draws on expertise in agriculture, architecture and design, business and law, the creative and performing arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, computing and engineering, education and health, and the natural sciences and mathematics to create a more just, prosperous, and sustainable future for the citizens of Tennessee and communities the world over.

Two men wearing blue gloves work on the scanning electron microscope.

Willian Henken, in an orange polo shirt and safety glasses, turns a knob on the filament winder.

Innovation Gateways

Research at UT is strategically organized around broad focus areas we call gateways. We break down disciplinary boundaries and draw upon the strengths of our faculty expertise, facilities, and partnerships to tackle complex challenges.

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

A man in glasses operates the x-ray diffraction machine at the Institute for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing.

The design, synthesis, and characterization of new materials and their production at scale are critical to advances in areas as diverse as architecture and design, computing and communications, energy and mobility, and medicine. UT has unique research strengths in areas such as quantum materials, polymers and composites, materials for extremes, and additive manufacturing.

Discover the Institute for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence

While talking to a student, Lynne Parker gestures at a robot sitting at a small desk on a table.

Advances that deepen our understanding of artificial intelligence, produce new technologies and tools, and expand their reach and impact in responsible and ethical ways lie at the heart of this initiative. State-of-the-art AI is driving transdisciplinary discovery and innovation at UT in areas ranging from high-energy physics, life sciences, communications, and education to climate-smart agriculture and precision health.

Discover the AI Tennessee Initiative

Energy and Environment

A graduate student transfers moss to a construction materials sample for experimentation.

The multifaceted nature of energy issues requires expertise from various fields to develop comprehensive solutions. UT brings expertise in biofuels, ecology, grid resilience, renewable energy, policy formation, precision agriculture, and natural resource management.

Discover the Institute for Energy and Environment

Future Mobility

Lee Han talks to two graduate students about the content displayed on several monitors with live traffic cams and traffic data.

Advances in electrification and digitization promise to revolutionize the future of mobility at a scale that will transform the movement of people and goods all over the world. UT brings together deep expertise in global supply chain, grid and battery technologies, cyber–physical systems, computer and network systems, and cybersecurity.

Discover the Institute for Future Mobility

Human Health and Wellness

A woman wearing a white mask and lab coat uses a pipette while testing saliva for COVID-19.

A transdisciplinary translational research approach is needed to solve large, complex problems. UT is focused on addressing health disparities, achieving food and nutrition security, and advancing individualized medicine through big data analysis and algorithms.

Discover the One Health Initiative

A man stands in front of a large screen and talks to two people using laptops.

Partner with UT

We take an active place-based approach to discovery, innovation, and economic development and develop innovative solutions with external partners.

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