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Office of Undergraduate Research Honors Outstanding Faculty Mentors

2016 Undergraduate Faculty Mentors of the Year
As departments around campus began wrapping up the spring semester and preparing for finals, the Office of Undergraduate Research made some special surprise deliveries to a few faculty members. The first Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor of the Year Awards were hand delivered to University of Tennessee, Knoxville faculty members that demonstrated an outstanding commitment to mentoring undergraduate researchers during the 2015-2016 academic year.
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Vol Vision 2020, UT Core Facilities Program, and NIH RFI

This week, UT announced the implementation of Vol Vision 2020, the updated strategic plan to guide us in the next phase of our journey to join the best public research universities in the nation. This important document cites core facilities as a critical element in supporting and improving the quality of our research infrastructure. The UT Core Facilities Program (UTCFP), launched late in 2014, has made an enormous effort in a short period of time to bolster our research resources and to mirror what is being done at our peer and aspiration institutions.

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Funding Opportunities Roundup, May 6

Federal Opportunities

Please notify Paul Montgomery ( of your interest in the following opportunities. 

INTERfering and Co-Evolving Prevention and Therapy (INTERCEPT)

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has published a solicitation for the INTERfering and Co-Evolving Prevention and Therapy (INTERCEPT) program at this link.  The goal of INTERCEPT is to “explore and evaluate virus-based therapeutic interfering particles (TIPs) that parasitize, interfere, and co-evolve with viral targets as a means of adaptively preventing, controlling, and eliminating acute or chronic infection.”

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Humans-Pigs-Rabbits Decomposition Study to Impact Court Cases Worldwide

New UT research shows humans have different decomposition patterns than pigs and rabbits—a finding that could immediately impact court cases around the world.

For years, forensic court cases worldwide have routinely used animal models to estimate time since death, or postmortem interval, of human remains, largely because access to human subjects was not available. The UT study shows that doing so could yield flawed results because decomposition rates, insect activity, and scavenger activity vary greatly between human and nonhuman subjects.

The study indicates that human decomposition is much more variable than that of either pigs or rabbits.
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Faculty Awarded for Leadership Compliance, Integrity, and Safety

2015-16 Research Integrity Service Excellence and Leadership Awards

Top Row: Christine Egger, Terry Hazen, Troy Lane, Guoxun Chen. Second Row: Patricia Coan, Dawnie Steadman, Lee Meadows Jantz. Third Row: Colleen Gilrane, Theresa Lee, David Bemis. Bottom Row: Robert Nobles, Brian Ranger.


The Office of Research Integrity presented seven faculty members with Service Excellence and Leadership Awards during a special celebration at Tyson House Thursday afternoon.

This is the first year the office has given out these awards to faculty members who showed particular dedication in their field toward compliance, integrity, safety, and commitment to the university’s shared governance model.
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