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World-Renowned Neuroscientists to Lead Brain Research Efforts in Knoxville

Ralph_Lydic_and_Helen_BaghdoyanTwo of the world’s most renowned neuroscientists will lead a collaborative team of researchers in the Knoxville region to advance research studies of the brain.

Dr. Helen A. Baghdoyan and Dr. Ralph Lydic—a married couple and research team—were recruited to Knoxville from the University of Michigan where they were members of the Department of Anesthesiology. Their laboratories are based at The University of Tennessee Medical Center and the neuroscientists hold professorial positions in the Department of Anesthesiology at the UT Graduate School of Medicine, the Department of Psychology at The University of Tennessee, as well as joint appointments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The work of Lydic, Baghdoyan and the team of researchers in Knoxville will focus on understanding how the brain regulates various states of consciousness and the role anesthesia plays in those states.

Read more at the UTMC website.