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UT Faculty Pitch Ideas, Gather Information on Research Opportunities at Navy Conference

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) hosted its biennial Naval Science and Technology Expo in February, where over 2,500 representatives from government, industry, and academia gathered to discuss key ONR programs and new research opportunities.

Six faculty members from the University of Tennessee were among those in attendance. Most of them were invited to meet with ONR program managers to present ideas for future research projects. In addition to engaging program managers one-on-one, faculty also received information about the direction of various ONR research programs, including key scientific challenges.

One-page fact sheets about each program are listed below. PIs are encouraged to review these and contact the designated point of contact if they have an idea for a project to address a particular challenge.

Advanced Ammunition and Energetics

Advanced Electromagnetic Materials

Advanced Power and Energy for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles

Advanced Weapons

Air Defense/Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortars

Applied and Computational Analysis

Applied Research Challenge

Arctic and Global Prediction

Atomic, Molecular and Quantum Physics


Basic Research Challenge

C2 for Logistics

Communications and Networks Program

Computer-Aided Materials Design

Counter Tactical Surveillance and Targeting

Decision Making (DM) and Expertise Development

Enhanced Maintainability

Explosive Hazard Defeat (EHD)

High Temperature Superconducting Power Cables

High-Speed Mechanical Energy Storage and Power Conditioning System

Hybrid Energy Storage Program

Investigation of Distributed versus Centralized Control of Power Electron Converters in a Naval Test System

ISR Intelligence

Knowledge Generation

Long-range, High-resolution Imaging through Obscurants

Machine Learning, Reasoning and Intelligence

Mathematical Data Science and Information Integration

Medium-Voltage Direct Current Circuit Protection


Nanoscale Computing Devices and Systems

Over-the-Horizon Communications

Packaging, Handling, Shipping and Transportation

Panoramic Imaging with Automated Detect and Track

Persisten Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Personal Survivability

Resource Optimization

Signal Processing Devices, Circuits and Architectures

Silicon Carbide Power Conversion

Small-Unit Technologies

Solid Mechanics

Solid-State Power Amplifiers

Structural Metals

Summer Faculty Research Program and Sabbatical Leave Program


Synthetic Biology for Naval Applications

Tactical Networking

Targeting and Engagement

University Research Initiatives


Vulnerability of Aluminum Structure

Warrior Resilience

Young Investigator Program

Contact Paul Montgomery, director of Federal Relations in the Office of Research and Engagement, for assistance.