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2017 Student Launch activities at the Bragg Farm in Toney, Alabama

2017 Student Launch activities at the Bragg Farm in Toney, Alabama

A team of engineering students has been selected to participate in NASA’s Student Launch project, which pits 45 teams from across the countryagainst one another in an attempt to overcome a specific challenge.

This year’s competition, held during rocket trials April 4–8 at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, requires teams to build a reusable rocket capable of carrying a payload at least one mile high and successfully landing back on Earth.

Teams have a choice of one of three payloads:

  • a camera that can identify and discern between targets in flight
  • a rover that deploys upon landing, moves at least five feet, and extends solar panels
  • an onboard system that can triangulate a landing within a specified zone

“We made a unanimous decision to go with the rover option,” said Grayson Hawkins, a senior in mechanical engineering who co-leads the team with Theresa Palandro, a senior in aerospace engineering. “We must consider problems such as ‘Can the main axle handle 20 Gs of acceleration?’ and ‘What is the most efficient way to stow the rover during flight?’”

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paul.montgomery@utk.edu) regarding your interest in federal opportunities.

NASA published a solicitation for its New (Early Career) Investigator Program in Earth Science. This program places “particular emphasis on the investigators’ ability to promote and increase the use of space-based remote sensing” as well as the below 6 topics:

  • Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems
  • Water and Energy Cycle
  • Climate Variability and Change
  • Atmospheric Composition
  • Weather
  • Earth Surface and Interior

To be eligible, a proposer must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, have received a PhD on/after Jan 1, 2012, and not hold tenure before Sep 14, 2017. The average award is $80-90K annually for up to 3 years.  NASA anticipates making about 12 awards. A notice of intent is due by August 14, and proposals are due by September 14.

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  • Joan Cronan, former women’s athletics director at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has been named the first recipient of the newly established NCAA President’s Pat Summitt Award recognizing an individual in the Association’s membership for positively influencing college athletes and their experiences through the individual’s career long commitment to advocating for college sports.

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