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Submission Dates in TERA-PAMS

We all operate day to day on deadlines. In a world that is continually changing and demanding more of our time, it is important for those involved in proposal submissions to understand the importance and interpretation of proposal deadlines.

In TERA-PAMS, a sponsor deadline must be entered when completing the “General Info” tab. Typically, this date is the sponsor’s solicitation deadline. This deadline serves as a work toward goal for the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and is interpreted to be the date a Principal Investigator (PI) wants or needs the proposal to be submitted.

There are numerous situations in which a PI would want to submit earlier than the sponsor’s deadline. In these cases, the deadline in TERA-PAMS should be entered as the date in which the PI would like the proposal to be submitted and not entered as the sponsor’s deadline date. Examples of this could be if a PI is going out of the country and will be unavailable, a Federal holiday falls around a deadline, there are anticipated university closings, etc. One specific scenario in which we typically receive requests for early submission are when our PI will be a sub awardee. Often, the approved documents must be sent to the lead institution well before the actual sponsor deadline.

It is also important to consider making a submission note in TERA-PAMS or communicating with OSP of any upcoming events that may affect when you would like the proposal to be submitted. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality of support to faculty and staff and ensure a proposal is submitted in a timely manner. In the end, communication is key to a successful proposal and timely submission.