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How Quarterly Report Data Are Derived

Each quarterly report is a year-to-date comparison. For example, the first quarter report is the first three months for each year presented, the second quarterly report is the first six months for each year presented, and so forth. The category “Research Centers” is all campus-level research centers and joint institutes combined.

Data Comparisons

Data presented depicting colleges and major research centers are presented to show trends within each unit. Comparisons among units can be made only with an understanding of the different missions and funding opportunities of the units. Therefore, the trends are important. University funding of major research centers, for example, is completely in support of the research mission. Funding for colleges supports instruction, outreach, and research. Another factor that must be considered is that some sponsors have capped F&A rates that affect the F&A earnings.

Credit for Activities

Awards and proposals are credited to the lead unit.


Voided and Withdrawn proposals were not counted.

The components of University research support include 25% of the salaries of all tenure track faculty in the units (only occupied positions and excluding administrators and emeritus) and all special funds allocated to the unit including Center of Excellence funding.

With the exception of the Top 20 awards report, which is based on the full amount expected, award data is based on the amount of money actually received in the quarter. The number of awards represents the number of times funds were received, not the individual awards.

Expenditure and award data do not include Centers or Chairs of Excellence funds, state appropriations, financial aid, or any programs that have historically been reported as awards but never generate R accounts.

Expenditures include both direct and F&A costs.

Information Sources

Beginning in FY 2011, proposal and award data are recorded in TERA by the Office of Research and Economic Development. Additional reports are available on the TERA web site. The majority of the TERA data was pulled using UTK Awards by Time Period by College, UTK Awards by Time Period, UTK Proposals by Time Period by College, and the UTK Proposal List. Data prior to FY 2011 were recorded in Coeus.

Expenditure, F&A, University support, and faculty count data are taken from IRIS.