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Proposal Submission Deadline

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has experienced a high number of proposals that are not meeting the five business day Proposal Submission Deadline of late.

When proposals arrive late, Proposal Coordinators are not able to provide an adequate level of review. Because the OSP staff is diligent and wishes to provide excellent customer support to ensure the proposal meets all the sponsor’s requirements, they are constantly under stress to turn the proposals around by submission deadline.

Late proposals have significant consequences that are beyond our control, but that affect the university, colleges, departments and the PIs.

  1. Late proposals without complete OSP review may not adhere to University policies and procedures.
  2. Late proposals without complete OSP review risk being return from the sponsor without review by the sponsor for non-compliance.
  3. Late proposals without complete OSP review in which the budget submitted to the sponsor is incorrect could result in:
  • Institution being unable to accept the award,
  • Delay of award setup,
  • Budget shortfall (will become a department’s responsibility),
  • Incorrect F&A applied or no F&A is included, UT will not automatically waive the F&A.
  1. Proposal solicitations that require that the award terms and conditions be reviewed and agreed upon at time of proposal submission will not be completed without appropriate time for review. These proposals could be returned by the sponsor without review, if awarded could cause a significant delay in award set up, or UT may be unable to accept the award.

The Office of Sponsored Programs will continue to do a complete proposal review for those proposals that meet the five business day deadline. However, late proposals will be submitted without a complete review or no review at all.

The PI will be responsible for any action taken by the sponsor if the proposal is non-compliant. Additionally, any awards that result from a proposal that was not fully reviewed will result in a delay in setting up the award due to the additional reviews that are required to be done.

You are encouraged to submit your proposals with ample time for review. The OSP staff is willing to assist those that do. If there are any questions, please contact Jean Mercer at jmerce10@utk.edu.