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Policy Reminder: Minors in Laboratories and Shops

The Minors in Laboratories and Shops safety policy went into effect two years ago, was recently updated, and is found in the online safety manual. It was developed in response to an increase in high school students on campus. The policy covers individuals less than 18 years of age who are in engaged in university-sponsored activities in laboratories and shops.

There are a number of exclusions in this policy, which include minors who are:

  1. Students enrolled at the university or
  2. Employed by UT or
  3. Part of a guided tour through a shop/lab or participating in a supervised instructional program

Laboratories, as defined by the policy contain a chemical, biological, physical or radiological hazard.  Computer labs and similar spaces are excluded from this program since they don’t contain recognized hazards. Examples of shops include machine shops, woodworking shops, welding areas, metal fabrication and alike.

Major components of this policy include:

  1. Hazard assessment
  2. List of prohibited activities
  3. Training and information for the minor
  4. Safety assurance
  5. Record keeping

Questions regarding this program should be directed to Environmental Health and Safety at 974-5084.