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Parallel Proposal Routing in TERA-PAMS

We all know that the routing of a proposal can easily become time consuming if it’s not properly organized in the beginning. Because of this, it’s important to have a good understanding of the routing process when starting a proposal in TERA-PAMS.

The routing process begins with the Award Admin Department and Investigators/Research Team listed on the proposal. From there, the proposal goes to the department level for approval, then to the college level, before coming to the Office of Sponsored Programs. Colleges and/or schools should always be last in the routing order.

The list of approving departments and colleges is set when investigators (PIs, Co-PIs, Postdocs, etc.) are entered on the Investigators/Research Team tab in PAMS. The corresponding department and college for anyone listed on this tab then populates under the Approving Departments tab in PAMS.

TERA-PAMS has the ability to streamline the list of approving departments on the Approving Departments tab. For example, the Award Admin Department will always be #1 in routing order. If there are multiple PIs/CoPIs, from other departments, each of those departments can be assigned routing order #2, so they receive an email notification simultaneously. Because the notifications are sent together, we use the term “parallel routing”.

The same process can be applied to the college level, when multiple colleges need to approve. They can each be labeled as #3 in the process; and again, receive notification simultaneously once all of the units in #2 have approved. Please note, the college where the Award Admin Department resides should be listed individually as the last approving unit and should not be grouped with other colleges.

When proposals are set up this way, it allows for a quicker, more efficient approval process. If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to ask OSP staff when setting up a proposal in PAMS.

Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at osp@utk.edu if you have more questions about this process.

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