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Tag Archives: Hallerin Hilton Hill Show

John Sorochan explains his research to reduce the negative effects of stressors like drought, shade, and traffic on turfgrass to Hallerin Hilton Hill.

In an interview with Hallerin Hilton Hill, Dayakar Penumadu discusses projects such as improving Tennessee bridges, a partnership with Volkswagen, and how IACMI—The Composites Institute drives innovation through networking, collaboration, and workforce development.

Deborah Reed, director of the Tennessee Reading Research Center, discusses the center’s mission to advance the literacy skills of children in the state on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Radio Show.

In an interview with Hallerin Hilton Hill, Professor Tony Schmitz discusses UT-led programs like America’s Cutting Edge and the Southeastern Advanced Machine Tools Network.

Kevin Heaslip explains why Tennessee is primed to become a leader in mobility and transportation technology on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Show.

Shay Scott discusses the supply chain and how it become more relevant than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Show.

David Anderson talked to Hallerin Hilton Hill about how his UT team uses creativity and research to tackle challenges in veterinary medicine.

Amy Elias spoke to Hallerin Hilton Hill about her internationally recognized research on dialogue and her role as director of the Humanities Center.

Lynne Parker spoke about the relevance of artificial intelligence in society during a radio interview with Hallerin Hilton Hill.

Associate Professor Brad Collett discusses the ongoing Tennessee Riverline project with Hallerin Hilton Hill on News Talk 98.7, WOKI-FM.