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iMedRIS Resources

Reference our “Getting Started” guide or follow these instructions to start using the iMedRIS system:

  1. Go to to log into the IRB electronic system.
    Terms of Use: In submitting materials through the iMedRIS, you hereby intend that all electronic signatures executed by you within iMedRIS Integrated Research Information System are the legal equivalent of your traditional hand-written signature.
  2. Once you have logged into iMedRIS, click on the Project Assistant tab on the left.
  3. Next, click on Add a new Project to begin the electronic application. The electronic application will guide you through the research questions you must address depending on the type of research study you will be conducting.
  4. After you complete the electronic application, you will be prompted to upload master protocols, investigator’s brochures, surveys, questionnaires, consent form(s), and other study documents. You will then be able to route the application and associated documents to all persons who must sign off before the IRB receives it.

Should you have any questions regarding the IRB electronic application, do not hesitate to contact the IRB office at (865) 974-3466 or email In addition, you may consult the printable Guides and Tips below. If you need more individualized assistance, ORIED staff offer iMedRIS help sessions. Be sure to check the website for current days and times.


Other Tips


If you have any training requests, please email