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Category Archives: Graduate Student Spotlight

Graduate Student Spotlights showcase scholarship and creative activity from graduate students in UT’s 11 colleges. These articles demonstrate the contribution students are making to the university’s research portfolio.

In an unassuming corner of East Knoxville, dense brush and overgrowth cover the ground of Knoxville’s oldest African American cemetery. […]

In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated much of the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, leaving many areas without power and other utilities […]

The global pandemic has dramatically changed people’s lifestyles across the country. Kitchens and dining rooms became classrooms and offices, vacations […]

For thousands of years, philosophers and researchers have been asking the same question: How does a powerful and complex human […]

Ecology seeks to understand the vital connections between living organisms and their environment, which form a complex network defined by […]

  “ The advance of genetic engineering makes it quite conceivable that we will begin to design our own evolutionary […]

Space is defined as the unlimited expanse in which all material objects are located, and all events occur. Artists and […]

In 1996, NASA administrators made a historic announcement: proof that life had existed on Mars at some point in its […]

Industrial hemp is a newly emerging agricultural market in Tennessee, but there is a need for more research, state-of-the-art tools, […]

Agriculture and conservation have been on a collision course for generations. Farming provides critical food resources and revenue in agrarian […]