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Casali Named ITER Scientist Fellow for Fusion Research

Livia Casali at ITERAssistant Professor Livia Casali is a well-known figure inside the world of nuclear fusion, having spent several years with General Atomics, where she worked on DIII-D, the largest magnetic fusion device in the US, commonly known as a tokamak, and where she still leads the core-edge research area.

She’s also closely aligned with the largest tokamak in the world, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, more commonly known as ITER, as the ITER Organization recently named her an ITER Scientist Fellow. ITER Fellows are drawn from the leading researchers in the members’ fusion communities who have achieved international recognition for their contributions to fusion research. In addition to such an important recognition, one of the many positives of her selection is that it provides opportunities for her graduate students to spend time at ITER and the scientists it draws from around the world, boosting their experiences as well as the reputation of the department, college, and university.

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