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DoE Office of Science Announces Changes to Proposal Formats

Proposal submissions to the Department of Energy Office of Science (DoE SC) now require the use of the format approved by the National Science Foundation (NSF), which may be generated by the Science Experts Network Curriculum Vita (SciENcv).

NSF’s updated guidelines (PAPPG 20-1) took effect October 5, 2020, incorporating significant changes to the biosketch and current and pending document requirements. Faculty interested in NSF or DoE SC funding must use the required formats for these documents on all proposals. This requirement applies to all senior project roles. Principal investigators (PI) should review the new requirements and begin the information transfer process as soon as possible.

The sponsor offers two options for both the biosketch and the current and pending support. These documents can either be maintained on the SciENcv website or completed as fillable PDFs.

The Office of Research and Engagement (ORE) recommends the use of SciENcv to prepare these documents, which allows for long-term maintenance capability. Benefits of using SciENcv include the ability to:

  • have multiple biosketches with publication listings tailored to several research areas,
  • integrate ORCID account for ease of publication selection, and
  • easily update current and pending projects.

Researchers should register immediately for an ORCID account. SciENcv integrates with ORCID to populate publications, and integrating the accounts can save time in the proposal process. ORCID profiles should be marked as sharable to “trusted parties” or “everyone” before creating a biosketch to ensure integration with SciENcv.

Resources for additional information:

If you have any questions about NSF’s new requirements, feel free to contact David Smelser (