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How to Request Support for Faculty Scholarship Affected by COVID-19

In their report, the Re-Imagining Fall Task Force made recommendations related to faculty scholarship, including:

  • Provide support for faculty success in scholarship, creative activity, and the pursuit of new external funding
  • Assist the restart and regrowth of human-subjects research
  • Strengthen laboratory safety culture in concert with implementation and sustaining of health safety culture
  • Strengthen communication concerning research status, compliance changes, and support opportunities

The Office of Research and Engagement has created an online portal, Research Central, to receive inquiries and requests in response to the recommendations related to faculty scholarship affected by COVID-19. Administrative units within ORE will then collaborate to offer customized support to each inquiry.

Why Was Research Central Created?

Many faculty members have been or will be able to restart their scholarship without additional guidance, but some complex cases require input from multiple administrative offices. Using a virtual system to support those complex situations will allow multiple administrative units to coordinate supports and streamline communication with the faculty member. Research Central is also a resource for faculty who are unsure who to contact. ORE staff will connect you to the most appropriate person or department.

Who Should Use Research Central?

Individual faculty members—and department heads inquiring on their behalf—whose scholarship has been interrupted or altered due to COVID-19, and need additional resources, guidance, advice, or help may use Research Central. This online portal is intended to be used in addition to the communication channels and support already provided by departments, colleges, ORE, and the Provost’s office. Faculty are not required to use Research Central and should feel empowered to reach out to the relevant contacts, if known, directly.