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Recognitions, June 10

The beginning of June brings; a professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and collaborators honored with the Ecological Society of America’s George Mercer Award; A decorated professor in TCE’s Department of Nuclear Engineering retiring after 25 years; and the Center for Global Engagement announced six students as the new McClure Scholars and one student to receive the Mae Scheib Scholarship.

Kalisz, Heberling, and Collaborators Receive ESA’s Mercer Award

WildflowersSusan Kalisz, professor and head of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and former post-doctoral fellow Mason Heberling, now assistant curator of botany at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, received the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) George Mercer Award for their paper, “Phenological mismatch with trees reduces wildflower carbon budgets,” published in Ecology Letters in February 2019. “The Mercer Award is one of ESA’s most prestigious awards,” Kalisz said. “We were all thrilled that our paper was chosen.”

Researchers leveraged the integration of historical records and contemporary experiments on many wildflower species to see how the overstory and understory responded differently to climate change and the unexpected consequences that followed. They used historical phenological observations, the oldest of which were made by Henry David Thoreau in the 1850s, alongside long-term temperature records, contemporary garden experiments from Kalisz’s NSF LTREB funding, and a simulation model.

Eight-Time “Professor of the Year” Retires After 25 Years

Ronald Pevey and a group of faculty and students at the 2016 hooding ceremony.

Ronald Pevey, far right, and other faculty and students at the 2016 hooding ceremony.

Associate Professor Ronald Pevey is retiring from the nuclear engineering department at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year after 25 years teaching. Pevey pursued research in reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, computer methods development, shielding, and nuclear criticality safety.

Much beloved by students in the program, Pevey leaves his post with the distinction of earning Nuclear Engineering Professor of the Year Award for the eighth time. This award is selected by UT’s nuclear engineering seniors and shows students’ appreciation for a faculty’s teaching style as well as their ability to convey complex engineering information in the courses. This award cannot be won two years in a row.

CGE Announces 2020-21 McClure Scholars and Mae Scheib Scholars

The Center for Global Engagement recently announced six students as the new McClure Scholars and one student to receive the Mae Scheib Scholarship for International Research. Both scholarships support independent international research.

Founded in 2010, the W. K. McClure Scholarship Program offers UT students, both undergraduate and graduate, financial awards up to $5,000 to support research and creative projects abroad to enhance and promote education for world responsibility.  “The Center for Global Engagement received stellar applications for the W.K. McClure Scholarship and the Mae Scheib Scholarship awards, ” Jamie McGowan, Director of Global Research Office said. “Each awardee exemplifies excellence as well as a commitment to engage globally and to understand the complexities of our world.  Congratulations to all the recipients.”