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COVID-19 Research Update from ORNL: March 30, 2020

Memo from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

Notice: COVID-19 related ORNL site access restrictions


In order to protect staff who cannot perform their job remotely and who are required to work on site at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL has imposed restrictions on access to the Laboratory to reduce the likelihood of spread of COVID-19. Access for visitors who have traveled through foreign countries has been suspended. Access for visitors who have recently traveled outside East Tennessee must be cleared through ORNL Health Services, which will prohibit access by individuals whose travel placed them at high risk of exposure. ORNL is also restricting access to the Laboratory for our own employees based on their travel and travel of their household members. Applying CDC guidelines and applicable medical practices, affected employees are directed to self-isolate at home for 14 days to avoid potential spread of COVID-19 at the Lab.


For the reasons stated above, UT-Battelle is issuing the following access restrictions for subcontractors:

Seller MUST contact the Technical Project Officer (TPO) of your Agreement if your employee requires onsite access and has also, in the three weeks prior to the desired access date:

  • been on foreign travel; or
  • been to a COVID-19 hotspot (identified at this link); or
  • resides with someone who fits either of those categories.

If your employee who requires on-site access to ORNL fits any of those categories, the TPO will provide direction regarding that individual’s ability to access ORNL.

Seller and sub-tier employees who are sick or have been exposed to someone who is confirmed or presumed to be infected with COVID-19 must not access the site.

Seller shall notify its employees of these COVID-19-related site access restrictions, take all necessary measures to identify employees who fit the above criteria, and ensure they do not access ORNL without direction from the TPO. Contact the TPO for questions related to this Notice. This Notice applies to all onsite work except deliveries by Common Carriers. The Seller shall flow this Notice down to sub-tier contractors.

The TPO will need the following information for each employee who requires access:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. ORNL Badge Number (if applicable)
  3. Employer (if a sub-tier)
  4. Where did the employee or a member of their household travel outside of East TN in the 21 days prior to the desired date of access?
  5. What function does the person perform?

This Notice establishes supplemental Site Access requirements under Part 2 or Part 3 APPLICABLE WHEN SELLER PERSONNEL WORK ON DOE SITE of the General Terms and Conditions of your Agreement: “Whereby, the Company may require additional information before granting access to ORNL facilities and the Seller shall cooperate with such requests.”

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