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Faculty Fellow Opportunities in the Office of Research & Engagement

The Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) group in the Office of Research and Engagement plans to hire three Faculty Fellows for a one year appointment (possibly multi-year) beginning in the summer of 2019. The Faculty Fellows will provide leadership to the University’s research enterprise for the discovery of emerging research opportunities (prior to agency approval or publication of funding announcements) and for the identification or development of the University’s strategic research capabilities to capitalize on them.

We are seeking one Faculty Fellow from engineering, one from physical sciences, and one from social sciences.

Faculty Fellows will:

  • Interact with decision makers at funding agencies, federal research labs, and corporate R&D partners to gain an understanding of emerging research needs and
  • Help identify the University’s unique research capabilities and gaps related to emerging opportunities.
  • Help to articulate the University’s research capabilities with the appropriate level of technical depth to the aforementioned decision makers.
  • Work with staff to develop network maps illustrating the research landscape (key agency players, potential partners and competitors) and to create and execute strategic project
  • Lead and/or mobilize multidisciplinary research teams including external research partners to pre-position the research teams for success, if the emerging research opportunities become funding
  • Travel in the range of one to two short duration trips per month is

There is an expected time commitment of up to 25% for the duration of the appointment. Compensation is negotiable and will take into consideration additional pay, course buy-outs, or partial support for a post-doc. Travel expenses for SRI related activities will be provided.

Please forward applications including a short CV and letter of interest (copy Department Head and Dean) to Donna Cochran by April 30, 2019:


Donna Cochran, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Finance & Administration Office of Research and Engagement

Subject Line: Faculty Fellow for SRI


We will meet with candidates individually prior to making a selection for an appointment.