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Variego Publishes Book on Mathematics in Music Creation

Jorge Variego, lecturer and adjunct assistant professor of music theory and composition, explores the connections between musical composition, science, and technology in his new book, Composición Algorítmica.

The book features a series of interviews with current composers such as David Cope, Roger Dannenberg, and Rodrigo Sigal, among others. Variego analyzes works from a perspective focused on different paradigms of composing, placing emphasis on the systems of rules, procedures, and instructions found within each system. He then explains and applies those systems in concrete examples.

Variego describes his book as, “address[ing] problems linked to historical evolution, analysis and the concrete application of algorithmic processes in musical composition.”

Variego was one of seven recipients of the 2017 Undergraduate Faculty Research Mentor of the Year Award. He received the top award in the Humanities division in the College of Arts and Sciences. Variego was also a pioneer in the field of interactive computer music, having created or performed a number of works for clarinet and electronics in the US, Europe, and South America.

Composición Algorítmica was published by Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, and is now available here.



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