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Doing by Thinking

Reza Habiri Demonstrates the Use of EEG to Fly a Drone

It’s a cold, frosty morning, and your thoughts turn to snuggling under the covers with a cup of coffee while the house warms up. Suddenly, your coffee machine kicks into gear just as the heat begins to rise in your home. No, it’s not your imagination. By merely thinking about it, your home is now cozier, your hot cup of java awaits in the kitchen, and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

The reality of controlling electronic devices using only your brain is closer than you think, thanks to the research of Associate Professor Xiaopeng Zhao.

A drone is the first device Zhao, graduate students Reza Abiri and Soheil Borhani, and undergraduate Justin Kilmarx, have demonstrated the ability to pilot using brainwaves, and they are amazing spectators who have the opportunity to see them make the drone fly without a normal hand-held controller.

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