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ORE Hosts Data Management Learning Opportunity

The Responsible Conduct of Research Lunch and Learn series kicked off this week with two sessions on data management. The series, offered through the Office of Research and Engagement, boasts a comprehensive program of topic areas intended to educate our campus community about the importance of ethical research practices and relevant compliance topics.

Christopher B. Eaker, assistant professor, data curation librarian, and member of the Hodges Library Scholar’s Collaborative Group, led both sessions on data management this week. Samantha Ehrlich, assistant professor in the Department of Public Health, served as rapporteur for the topic and summarized the learning objectives and outcomes on behalf of the Office of Research and Engagement.

It is becoming increasingly common in the current research climate for funding agencies to require that principal investigators (PIs) submit data management plans or DMPs with grant submissions. Additionally, those agencies and many publishers are more frequently requesting that research data be made publicly available upon the project’s completion. The data management workshop introduced the process of drafting a data management plan for submissions and subsequently putting it into practice once funding has been obtained. The session also addressed methods of preserving and archiving data for long term use.

The session’s take home points and themes included:

  • Drafting a DMP
    • What should be included
    • Discussion of metadata
    • Data access, sharing and reuse
    • Long term data preservation
  • The DMP in Action
    • Length limits and additional details
    • The DMP as a living document
  • Preserving and Archiving Data
    • Back up procedures
    • Publicly accessible data repositories
    • Transparency

To learn more about data management, and to fulfill the data management component of this fall’s Responsible Conduct of Research Education Participation certificate (more information here) please consider attending the upcoming workshops Data Management Part I: Writing the Data Management Plan and Data Management Part II: Data Management Best Practices, both featuring Christopher Eaker, and both hosted by the Faculty Development Team in the Office of Research and Engagement.

To learn more about upcoming training including the remaining topics in the RCR Lunch and Learn series, visit the Office of Research and Engagement website or email Samantha Ehrlich will be providing continuing coverage on these important topics.