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NSF’s Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) Seeks Input

The National Science Foundation invites researchers to submit suggestions for topic ideas for the 2018 EFRI program solicitation. This opportunity arises every other year and drives the focus of research supported by the Emerging Frontiers in Research Innovation program for over a two-year period. NSF seeks forward-looking views and opportunities in emerging frontiers of research and innovation; topic ideas should not simply represent ongoing or planned research activities. Suggested topics should identify challenges or opportunities rather than solutions. NSF plans to invite up to ten submitters to NSF for further discussions of their proposed topic.

EFRI evaluates, recommends, and funds interdisciplinary initiatives at the emerging frontiers of engineering research and innovation. These transformative opportunities may lead to new research directions; new industries or capabilities that result in a leadership position for the country; and/or significant progress on a recognized national or societal need, or grand challenge. The EFRI Program is the signature activity of NSF’s Office of Emerging Frontiers and Multidisciplinary Activities (EFMA) in the Directorate for Engineering. EFRI invests in high-risk multidisciplinary opportunities with high-potential payoff.

Faculty are asked to fill out this survey with their topic ideas.

UPDATE: NSF released its new solicitation for EFRI in 2017, with two areas of focus (letter of intent deadline: Oct. 24, 2016):
1. Advancing Communication Quantum Information Research in Engineering (ACQUIRE)
2. New Light, EM (Electronic) and Acoustic Wave Propagation: Breaking Reciprocity and Time-Reversal Symmetry (NewLAW)