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New Facility Enhances Research Opportunities Across Campus

Knowing that the smallest things can sometimes cause the biggest problems, UT has created a facility to remedy that dilemma for researchers.

The newly established Micro-Processing Research Facility (MPRF) will allow researchers to conduct research and development requiring thin film processing technology at the micron level without having to leave the campus.

While the facility itself is part of the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM) and is housed in JIAM’s location just across the river from the main campus, the broadened research capabilities it provides expand the depth and breadth of what can be studied at UT, according to facility director Eric Lukosi.

“Any unit that needs micron-scale thin film processing services will benefit from the creation of the MPRF,” said Lukosi, an assistant professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering. “The need for thin film processing is multidisciplinary, from electronics and sensor development to materials science and medical studies such as lab-on-a-chip development. These are the kinds of studies that can be carried out at the MPRF.”


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