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Metallic Glass Research Nets Breakthroughs, Yale Honor for Egami

The phrase “metallic glass” may sound like an oxymoron, but the substance is very real, though underutilized.

Takeshi EgamiThat could soon change.

Research being done by professors like UT’s Takeshi Egami has shown the potential of metallic glass, but it took a recent move to the substance by a tech heavyweight to really open up its potential.

“It’s been around and available for quite some time, but the cost has remained fairly prohibitive because it hasn’t been produced in any significant amount,” said Egami, a UT-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distinguished Scientist and professor of materials science and engineering. “Then, fairly recently, Apple decided to invest in it, which will increase the amount of it available and help bring the price down.”

Apple’s investment is already showing up in the pockets of millions of people around the world without them even knowing it.

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