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Electromagnetic Properties Lab (EMP)

With the continuing advancement of research capabilities in the materials sciences the ability to decode complex properties of materials is critical to the success of the researcher.

To accommodate these needs, the IAMM EMP provides access to both Physical Property Measurement Systems (PPMS) and SQUID Vibrating Sample Magnometer (SVSM) apparatus. By providing researchers with the ability to set a broad range of temperature and magnetic field conditions, IAMM EMP enables fundamental research in the materials sciences that are crucial for today’s cutting-edge research in a cost effective and efficient manner.

EMP is housed in G026 at IAMM HQ on the UT Research Park at Cherokee Farm campus and can be accessed both by IAMM researchers and external partners and clients.

Jian Liu Scientific Leader 865-974-2631
  1. A physical properties measurement system (PPMS) for routine electrical measurements, such as resistivity, capacitance, and Hall effect, down to 1.8 K and up to 9 T.
  2. A Dynacool system for routine measurements of resistivity, Hall effect, magnetization, susceptibility, heat capacity, thermopower, and thermal conductivity down to 1.8 K and up to 14 T.
  3. A SQUID-VSM magnetometer system (MPMS-SVSM) for routine magnetization and susceptibility measurements down to 2 K and up to 7 T. A Helium-3 option is available for magnetization measurement down to 0.4K.

1 unit = 12 hours (PPMS & Dynacool); 1 unit = 8 hours (SQUID)

  Internal Academic

External Academic

Service 1: Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS), Unassisted $65.00 N/A N/A
Service 2: SQUID Vibrating Sample Magnometer (SVSM), Unassisted $85.00 N/A N/A
Service 3: Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS), Assisted $165.00 $325.00 $600.00
Service 4: SQUID Vibrating Sample Magnometer (SVSM), Assisted $230.00 $265.00


Service 5: DynaCool-Advanced Unassisted $115.00 $214.00


Service 6: DynaCool-Advanced Assisted $145.00 $245.00


User rates subject to change without notice.

Existing users may book time via Stratocore. New users contact Jian Liu.