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Diffraction Facility


The IAMM Diffraction Facility provides identification and quantification of phases, crystallinity, lattice parameters, crystallite size, and microstrain. More advanced uses include high-temperature in-situ experiments, investigating preferred orientation with pole figures, determining residual stresses, and studying thin films with X-ray reflectivity, among others.

Michael Koehler Facility Manager
Claudia Rawn Scientific Leader

Empyrean – XRD

X’Pert3 MRD – XRD

Epsilon 1 – XRF

Assisted help is billed in addition to the regular instrument rate. Rates for instrument time indicate self-use. Any operation of the instrument by staff will incur an additional chare for staff assistance. If staff assistance will be required that time must be booked in advance of reserving instrument time.

Internal Academic External Academic On-campus Commercial External Commercial
Empyrean $36/hour $53/hour $90/hour $100/hour
X’Pert3 $36/hour $53/hour $90/hour $100/hour
Epsilon 1 $20/hour $30/hour $54/hour $60/hour
Rigaku XtaLAB $25/hour $37/hour $67/hour $75/hour
Assistance* $60/hour $90/hour $90/hour $90/hour

User rates subject to change without notice.

Existing users may book time via Stratocore. New users contact Michael Koehler.