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Hay Receives Award from NICHD

Jessica Hay, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, has received a new R01 award from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), “Infant Statistical Learning: Resilience, Longevity, and Specificity.”

Her studies will explore potential mechanisms underlying positive language outcomes in typically developing infants. Specifically she will investigate how infants’ and young children’s abilities to (1) find words in speech heard through background noise (2) remember words over time, and (3) represent the relevant features of words all interact to support subsequent language learning.

The results of the project will help generate testable hypotheses about the causal mechanisms for specific language delays in atypical populations, such as for infants with hearing loss or infants who, for various reasons, receive sub-optimal language input during critical developmental periods, and will begin to address NIH’s need for evidence-based research to guide clinical practice.

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