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Equipment and Infrastructure Fund – Funded FY13

Below is the list of equipment proposals funded by the SARIF Equipment and Infrastructure Fund for FY13.

The total cost was $1,068,293; the SARIF amount was $347,192 and the total cost share was $702,101.

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Requested By Department Description Total Cost SARIF Amount Total Cost Share
Dadmun, M. & Others Chemistry, MSE, CEE, Physics, CBE Thermal Analysis Equipment $250,000 $69,000 $181,000
Lukosi, Eric & Many Others NE, EECS, MSE, MABE Clean Room; Confocal Sputtering System; Organic thermal evaporator, etc. $170,000 $69,000 $85,000
Sayler, Gary CEB, ISSE, CEE, CBE, MSE Centrifuge and accessories $16,250 $5,750 $10,500
Engel, Annette EPS, CEE, Microbiology Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer and Chemical Imaging using Focal Plane Array Detection $135,000 $39,000 $96,000
Wilhelm, Steven & Buchan, Alison Microbiology Sorvall RC6 Instrument & rotor upgrades; Upgrades to DMRXA microscope; Upgrades to DMS500 microscope; Sorval benchtop centrifuge and rotors $93,111 $30,111 $63,000
Moersch, J.; Emery, J.; McSween, H. EPS FieldSpec 4 Instrument $62,035 $16,535 $45,500
Darby, Erin & Darby, Robert Religious Studies & Art History RTK GPS and iPad Recording project $18,950 $6,400 $12,550
Ferdous, Zannatul MABE, CBE, EECS qPCR, Fluorescence/Absorbance Plate Reader, and Gel/Membrane Imager for Fundamental Biological and Biomedical Research at Senter Hall $72,000 $33,000 $36,000
Penumadu, Dayakar; Alshibli, Khalid CEE, Chemistry, EECS, MSE, EPS, MABE Fabrication of a Micro-Focus X-ray Computed Tomography System $200,000 $60,000 $140,000
Mannella, Norman & Parks, Jim Physics & Astronomy Magnetic Levitation Turbo Pump for the Advanced Spin Photoelectron Spectrometer $15,000 $5,000 $10,000
Sayler, G.; Layton, A.; Pfiffner, S.; Biggerstaff, J.; Ripp, S. CEB Equip student research lab with Bunsen burner; heated stirplate; incubator, etc. $7,926 $3,926 $4,000
Spanier, Stefan Physics & Astronomy Perform Analysis of Data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) with Computers at UT $13,000 $3,500 $9,500
Frankel, J.I. & Keyhani, M. MABE Oscilloscope for New thermographic Phosphor Calibration Method for Noncontact Temperature Measurements $6,264 $3,132 $3,132
McConville, B.; Binder, S.; Bliss, A. Music Software, Stands, Stand Attachments, Foot Pedals, & Cables $8,757 $2,838 $5,919