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Domestic Travel Fund for Creative Activities

The Domestic Travel Fund for Creative Activities is used to pay one third of the cost of domestic travel for faculty in the arts who are traveling within the United States to perform, exhibit work, or otherwise disseminate creative activity that is part of their scholarship. There is a general expectation that these funds be matched equally by department and college funding at a 1:1:1 match.

Faculty in the following departments and colleges are generally eligible to apply for this award when performing, exhibiting, or otherwise disseminating creative activities:

  • College of Architecture and Design
  • School of Art
  • English (creative writing)
  • School of Music
  • Theatre

Faculty from other departments may apply if they can make a significant case for their creative activities as being essential to their scholarship. Faculty are not eligible for this fund if they are not disseminating creative activities. Faculty members who are not tenured or tenure-track may apply for these travel awards. The long-term benefit to the university should be clearly described in the request. The maximum award from ORE is $500.

Funds are to be used for the travel expenses associated with having an exhibition, performing, attending a conference, or otherwise disseminating a faculty member’s creative activities as part of their scholarship within the United States. Funding is based on actual expenses up to the amount approved. Requests that do not result in actual expenses are not carried over into the subsequent fiscal year unless prior approved.

How to Apply

Submit an email request to department head; department head indicates the department’s support and forwards the string of emails to the associate dean or dean of college; the associate dean or dean of college indicates the college’s support in the email; and forwards the string of emails to Please include any information to assist in decision-making. Requests may be submitted anytime during the year. It is generally expected that faculty will be awarded travel funds no more than once per fiscal year.

Due to the source of the SARIF funds, this program is limited to faculty engaged in creative writing, design, and performing and visual arts on the Knoxville campus.

The guidelines for submitting a request for matching funds are as follows:

  • The request should include a description of the trip, purpose of the trip including a description of the creative activity, dates of the trip, and a budget of estimated expenses.
  • Submit a statement of the department and college match agreement. Example of match funding:
    • Department: $500
    • College: $500
    • SARIF: $500
    • Total: $1,500
  • SARIF Funds are limited. Requestors should make efforts to obtain a share of the funding from collegiate, departmental and/or other sources.
  • If funded, funds will be transferred to the appropriate departmental account after the travel expenses have been reimbursed.

Please direct inquiries to the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Research Development (, 865-974-0437).