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2017 Summer Graduate Research Assistantship Recipients

The following is a list of recipients for the 2017 Summer Graduate Research Assistantships funded by the UT Knoxville Office of Research and Engagement’s SARIF program. Selected faculty projects will receive $3,600 in support of student stipends for work completed during the summer 2017. Click here to view 2016 recipients.

Faculty Mentor

Student’s Name



Project Title

Hollenbach, Kandace Allen, Christian Anthropology Arts & Sciences Identifying the Effects of English Contact on Overhill Cherokee Communities: A Comparative
Analysis and Methodological Approach to Foodways Datasets
Roy, Sharani Becker, Andrea Chemistry Arts & Sciences Developing Dynamical Models of Molecular Junctions
Fouts, Hillary N. Broach, Dallas Child and Family Studies CEHHS A Bio-Cultural Perspective of Parenting and Environmental Risk among the Gamo People in
Southern Ethiopia
McCracken, Gary Dreyer, Jessica Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Arts & Sciences Ontogenetic development of Mexican free-tailed bat pup isolation call
Kelley, Eric Farley, Ryan Finance HCB Sifting through the shards: Evidence on the impacts of market fragmentation on market quality
Brott, Pamelia Farrell, Isabel Educational Psychology and Counseling CEHHS School Counselors’ Experiences with and Perceptions of Students Who are Refugees
Olson, Michael Fritzlen, Katherine Psychology Arts & Sciences Long-Term Attitude Maintenance Through Evaluative Conditioning
McCord, Rachel Patton Golloshi, Rosela Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology Arts & Sciences Squeezing information out of cancer cell genome organization
Alexandre, Gladys Gullett, Jessica Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology Arts & Sciences TMX: A potential new drug target in the battle against antibiotic resistance
Issa, Bernard Hernanz, Alfonso Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Arts & Sciences The effects of aural input enhancement on second language speech processing
Munoz, Isabel Solange Hinger, Bradley Geography Arts & Sciences Regional Narratives and Racism Redacted
Palominio, Angel Jedari, Cyrus Civil & Environmental Engineering Engineering New Method for Predicting Flow Potential of Fine Coal Refuse Impoundments
Lim, Heejin Jordan, Kenneth Retail Hospitality & Tourism Management CEHHS Development of Omni-Channel Branding Strategy for Local Producers: Application of the Self-
System Process Model
Johnston, Steven Kumar, Umesh Physics & Astronomy Arts & Sciences Changes in the electronic structure of rare-earth nickelates observed across the
Metal-to-Insulator Transition using soft resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
Emery, Joshua Martin, Audrey Earth & Planetary Sciences Arts & Sciences Surface Mineralogy of Trojan Asteroids: Amorphous Silicate Emissivity Features in the Thermal IR
Gu, Gong Mohsin, Ali Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Engineering A Prototype Two-Dimensional Macromolecule for Mono-Molecular Electronics
Collins-Elliott, Stephen Noyes, Emily Classics Arts & Sciences Common ware of the Loukkos Valley: a preliminary typology and distribution analysis of
courseware in the countryside of the Roman city of Lixus
Bohon, Stephanie Ortiz, Ruben Sociology Arts & Sciences Structural Conditions in Police-Involved Killing
Xue, Ziling Pham, Peter Chemistry Arts & Sciences Controlled Release of Persulfate for Environmental Remediation
Schulze, Tim Razayqat, Hamza Mathematics Arts & Sciences Controlled Release of Persulfate for Environmental Remediation
Latham, Jacob Roesch, Laura History Arts & Sciences Public Ceremony, Episcopal Authority, and the Christianization of Rome in Late Antiquity (ca. 300-700 CE)
Islam, Syed Shamsir, Samira Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Engineering Challenges of Power Electronics in Utility Applications: Gallium Nitride Based Solution
Chvala, Ondrej Singh, Vikram Nuclear Engineering Engineering Enhanced Non-Linear Dynamic Model of the Molten Salt Reator Experiment
Grzanka, Patrick Spengler, Elliott Psychology Arts & Sciences The Impact of the “Counseling Discrimination Law” and Other Potential Barriers to Mental
Health Services-Seeking among LGBT+ Individuals in Tennessee
Bach, Wendy Zydiel, Daniel Law Law Study of the Prosecution of Women in Tennessee for In-Utero Opiate Transmission