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Funding Opportunities Roundup, May 13

Federal Opportunities

Please notify Paul Montgomery (paul.montgomery@utk.edu) of your interest in the following opportunities. 

DOD: Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative

The Department of Defense recently published the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) solicitation (see “Related Documents” tab). MURI funds basic research on specific science and engineering topics of keen interest to DoD, and only universities are eligible to submit proposals. A particular requirement to be competitive for a MURI award is having a team composed of faculty from different disciplines and from at least one other university.

The deadline for submitting a 4-page white paper is Aug. 1, and proposals are due by Nov. 15.  You may wish to send a brief description of your idea to the topic chief for your particular topic in order to gauge interest before submitting a white paper.

There is typically one award per topic, and awards average $1.25 – $1.5 million annually for 3-5 years, although the amount may vary.

NOTE: Individuals interested in any solicitation that limits the number of submissions allowed by UT must submit a notification of interest to limitsub@utk.edu. See the ORE limited submission policy, View current and past opportunities, and sign up for the listserv.


DOD: National Security Science & Engineering Faculty Fellowship Webinar

The Department of Defense is sponsoring a webinar for interested PIs to prepare for the FY 2017 National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship (NSSEFF) program.  Please see the message below and the attachment for details.  NSSEFF is a prestigious and highly competitive program that provides single investigator awards to distinguished, tenured faculty for innovative basic research projects.  Last year the NSSEFF solicitation included topic categories such as engineering biology, quantum information science, cognitive neuroscience, novel engineered materials, applied mathematics, and manufacturing science.  Note, however, that some or all could change in the upcoming solicitation.

The webinar will be held on two dates:  May 24 and 31 from 2-3 p.m.
Register here.

Please notify Paul Montgomery (paul.montgomery@utk.edu) if you register for this webinar.


ONR Basic Research Challenge

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has published a solicitation for its annual Basic Research Challenge (BRC) Program. The FY 17 BRC topics are listed below, and descriptions of each are on pp. 5-13 of the solicitation.

  1. Establishing a Multiscale Theory for Cavitation in Complex Soft Materials
  2. Understanding the Phase-Resolved Bottom-Side IONosphere (BSION)
  3. Decentralized Perception in Data-Rich Dynamic Environments
  4. Scientific Basis for Enhanced Manufacturability with Electrical Currents
  5. Distributed Sensing, Actuation and Control in Soft Materials for Flexible Appendages
  6. Predictive and Causal Modeling – Bridging the Gap
  7. New Opportunities to Transform Wall-bounded Turbulence Understanding

The deadline for submitting a 5-page (max) white paper is June 3, and a proposal, if invited, is due by Aug 12.

ONR anticipates multiple awards for each topic, with most averaging $500K annually for up to 4 years, although awards for certain topics vary.

Limited Submissions

Find information about limited submissions on the Limited Submissions Opportunities page.

Pew Biomedical Scholars

The Pew Biomedical Scholars program makes grants to selected academic institutions to support the independent research of outstanding individuals who hold full-time appointments at the rank of assistant professor (appointments such as Research Assistant Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor Research Track, Visiting Professor or Instructor are not eligible) and have been in such an appointment for less than three years (not appointed before July 15, 2013).

Based on their performance during their education and training, candidates should demonstrate outstanding promise as contributors in science relevant to human health. Strong proposals will incorporate particularly creative and innovative approaches. Candidates whose work is based on biomedical principles, but brings in concepts and theories from more diverse fields, are encouraged to apply. Time spent in clinical internships, residencies, or in work toward board certification does not count as part of this three-year limit.

Candidates may be nominated by their institution two times in total.

Please see the full RFP for complete information.

Notification of Interest to ORE: 5/18/2016 12 PM
Application to Agency: 7/15/2016
Limit on Number of Applications: 1
Estimated Program Funding: $240K total
Anticipated No. of Awards: TBD

NIH Opportunities

Join the UT NIH Research Community by contacting Jennifer Webster (jwebster@utk.edu) and start receiving the weekly NIH Digest.

  • NIH BD2K Mentored Career Development Award in Biomedical Big Data Science for Clinicians and Doctorally Prepared Scientists (K01) (RFA-ES-16-002)
  • NCATS Notice of Funding Opportunity Publication for Biomedical Data Translator: Technical Feasibility Assessment and Architecture Design Projects (OT3) (NOT-TR-16-014)
  • NIEHS Mechanism for Time-Sensitive Opportunity in Environmental Health Sciences (R21) (RFA-ES-16-005)
  • NIMHD / NIAAA / NIDA Health Services Research on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R01) (PAR-16-221)
  • NIMHD / NIAAA / NIDA Health Services Research on Minority Health and Health Disparities (R21) (PAR-16-222)
  • RELATED SPONSOR: AHRQ Mentored Research Scientist Research Career Development Award (K01) (PA-16-223)
  • RELATED SPONSOR: DOD Tick-Borne Disease Research Program

NSF Opportunities

Please contact Sharon Pound (spound@utk.edu) regarding your interest in NSF opportunities.

Find new Engagement Opportunities and Funding at engagement.utk.edu. Use SciVal Funding to conduct a self-directed search for funding opportunities from 7,000 program sponsors around the world or the Foundation Directory Online to search a database of the 10,000 largest private, community, and corporate foundations in the U.S.